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Have an invisible picture and use the clickable picture command. Have one be in one spot, and another in that spot. So when the person clicks on the button, it pans up or down. You can also use this in cutscenes if you want to make another game like that in the future.

Could you test this for MV3D? I would like some grid-free maps for my MV3D game.

Amazing plugin! But I have some advice. Can you add a wall and ladder feature as a plugin command? Having some issues with the tile system, but I like the genius with the layering system. It's like MZ was made for 3D, even though it's 2D.

Use pitch in the "Camera Tracking" feature in plugin commands.

Also use this code (in script feature) , but do whatever key you want for panning up and down. Hope this helps!


It's like the spinoff to Animal Crossing! Neat.

This is like a game i'd play in my dreams! Neat.


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RPG Maker MV remake. Are you fine with this? A proof of concept.

Maybe later.

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I tried this. Very cool! I'm making a game with it, and it has helped a lot.

I'd recommend it for 3D Platformers and many games that take advantage of this plugin in general.

If you like it, it's coming back for you!