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Hey, so this is a resource for those looking for a place to start and what the process is going to be like.

I've been regularly documenting the development for about a month or so and am already a good chunk of the way through!

Bam, done it

can do! Lemmie post that tonight. (Was NOT feeling up to it last night)

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Appreciated! (love ALL of your stuff btw)

Brian Yaksha made the point that there's a lot of writing on "design" and "theory" of dungeons, but not a whole lot of documentation on the actual process and work that goes in to making them. I'm hoping this becomes a useful design document and maybe more folks start doing it for larger projects,

Yup! That or A4 paper, if its a little off (because of printer bleed limits) just do "Fit to Page" and it should be fine!

Shoot, ok lemmie try to fix that

Working on it... if you know a distributor who might be interested in stocking it let me know!

Don't forget to check out the soundtrack here:

Heyo! There should be a backer-only update with a direct link, otherwise we're planning a mass email with links

Yup! Check out in a bit, we had a snafu with the shipping but i'm sending some more as of now.

Of course! If it fits the theme, go ahead!

The pathologic soundtrack! 

Heyo! If you have anything that could be used as inspiration or leads on pieces of folklore drop them here!

I'm planning to sell some in person, but I've also contacted a few resellers to see if they would be interested in stocking it. Here's hoping!

Don't forget to leave a rating!


Hey all!

Short: If you like scary forests, ancient monsters, and learning how to hunt them, come check us out!

Long: Beyond the reach of roads, past the scope of mortals there is a darkened place. A shadowed tree-line where no-one dares cross and whose boundaries go undisturbed.

This is not the woods of peaceful fey and beast, but the dark and twisted children’s tale that kept you full of terror. It is a world of fear, madness, and bloodshed; ruled over by the uncaring watch of ancient trees. There is no bargaining with the primal forces that rule the uncivilized world, as you have nothing they could ever want.

The woods do not care for you. Never forget that.


Into the Wyrd and Wild is a supplemental book for those seeking to incorporate a weird and terrifying wilderness into their role-playing game. Players and GMs who enjoy a level of horror and prefer the sweeping, darkened landscapes of forest and mires to the well-trodden cobblestone of dungeons need look no further when it comes to books. Presented within the book is a light overhaul of the adventuring system, modified to fit better with a campaign centered around forays into the frightening wilderness.