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Yeah, just shoot an email to and I'll get you the tokens


Hell, I have two more expansions outlined as well, I just can't get to them until I finish Ave Nox.

yup, crowdfunding happens december-january with printing and shipping january-march

print files are the files to let you print copies for your convenience at the table

yep yep, just haven't decided whether to do it as an expansion or to up the price of the original 

Howdy, shoot me an email to

yup, the keys SHOULD give access to the updated SRD (if not I'll go through and send an updated key)

I'll have to finish my prototype and throw it up on itch! (great work btw)

Sonnuvabitch you've been working in Godot too?!

- SRD has pretty much everything including the core rules (but none of the illustrations and a bit-bare bones)

- Game is fully complete, just adding stuff that I personally want in the game and interesting bits.

- Already added to the SRD, debating on how it gets incorporated (separate buy or included in the original and updating the price as a reflection)

Yup yup, core pdf will be updated with any changes along the way, along with the SRD (SRD will always be free)

Yes to all of the above, it also sets up some interesting situations where someone is all grit but low flesh (someone who operates on spite and tenacity) versus a low grit high flesh character (someone who gets injured pretty easily but manages to survive time and time again)

Typo that's getting fixed for the next update, should be 1-2, 3-4, 5-6

Can do, just sent!

Can do, shoot us an email at and we'll square you away

Yeah, someone on reddit mentioned the same thing but with "strain."

The next go-around with the zine and SRD will probably be updated to something akin to that (along with some errata and changes).

yup, shoot me an email to and I'll get you settled

yup, just throw another 10 and shoot me an email to, I'll get you a key

VyrmHack community · Created a new topic General Comments

Comments on the zine, chit-chat, etc.

Crap... honestly never thought of that...

Works on a grid! While I unfortunately stuck to english measurements, it all operates on a "base 5" (5ft = 1in or 1cm or 1 square 

goal is to get more stuff out for it, I set a goal of only doing a 20 page zine which was JUST enough to fit the bones of it in. Looking forward to fleshing it out with the complete pantheon, sorcery schools, and bestiary.

Shoot them over to!

SRD should be up tomorrow, digital copies Saturday, and physical zines next week.

Thanks for the tip!

as of now no, particularly because we don't have an EU distributor at the moment (as much as we would like one). If we do find a distributor and way to get the books over economically, we'll let it be known.

heyo! If you purchased a copy, we can send you the pdf, shoot us an email (and optionally a picture of your book in a tasteful setting) at and we'll get you sorted

sure thing, email and we'll get you situated 

Checking through it again, let me see if I can get it done this weekend

Heyo! Sorry about the confusion, we ordered all of the shipping and postage in one batch and accidentally sent out a notification email to everyone.

The last 100-150 orders are being shipped out including distributer copies, we apologize for the inconvenience and confustion.

Sure thing, shoot us an email at and we'll take care of it.

yup, shoot an email to and we'll get you set up

Yup, some are still in transit, so far none have been returned to sender

no problem, yeah if you just pay the 10 I'll send you a key. Shoot me an email at and we'll sort it out

Crap. If you paid $15 altogether and it's not letting you get it, shoot me an email at and I'll send you key.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

crap... if you bought it for $15 altogether and it doesn't go through I'll send a key via email

I think it would have to be $10 (or total $15 since you already bought it for $5) as part of itch's tiered purchasing

It SHOULD be available as a purchase of 10 extra dollars, itch allows for tiered purchasing so if you bought if for $5 it should only cost $10 (or $15 total)

Larger, more art, and expanded content like spells, 2 new areas, 16 new rooms, 10 more monsters and 8 more factions

Yar! I really REALLY want to make something small for it next year and run a game or two