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as of now no, particularly because we don't have an EU distributor at the moment (as much as we would like one). If we do find a distributor and way to get the books over economically, we'll let it be known.

heyo! If you purchased a copy, we can send you the pdf, shoot us an email (and optionally a picture of your book in a tasteful setting) at and we'll get you sorted

sure thing, email and we'll get you situated 

Checking through it again, let me see if I can get it done this weekend

Heyo! Sorry about the confusion, we ordered all of the shipping and postage in one batch and accidentally sent out a notification email to everyone.

The last 100-150 orders are being shipped out including distributer copies, we apologize for the inconvenience and confustion.

Sure thing, shoot us an email at and we'll take care of it.

yup, shoot an email to and we'll get you set up

Yup, some are still in transit, so far none have been returned to sender

no problem, yeah if you just pay the 10 I'll send you a key. Shoot me an email at and we'll sort it out

Crap. If you paid $15 altogether and it's not letting you get it, shoot me an email at and I'll send you key.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

crap... if you bought it for $15 altogether and it doesn't go through I'll send a key via email

I think it would have to be $10 (or total $15 since you already bought it for $5) as part of itch's tiered purchasing

It SHOULD be available as a purchase of 10 extra dollars, itch allows for tiered purchasing so if you bought if for $5 it should only cost $10 (or $15 total)

Larger, more art, and expanded content like spells, 2 new areas, 16 new rooms, 10 more monsters and 8 more factions

Yar! I really REALLY want to make something small for it next year and run a game or two

Not wrong, the Dark Souls vibe is more coincidental (it unfortunately influences damn near everything I make at this point) while the setting of BLAME! definitely played a part in influencing Vast. 

Never heard of The Night Land, but looking into it I'm intrigued.

Not sure why you haven't gotten a pdf yet, I can shoot you a copy via Itch, just let me know your email

yep, if you check the files on dtrpg, there should be a pdf with the discount code

yes, same as the original

Hey! So yeah, there's going to be an updated and expanded version of the zine later this month. The original will still be available here for $5 but there will also be the expanded version for $15 (or as a $10 upgrade if you already own the original).

I've been busy finishing the zine so haven't had the time to put together a devlog.

yup yup, long as there is a credit line, that's all good

Soon, the writing is done, just needs formatting and art. Had to take a break from it to finish up Cess and Citadel the last 6 months

Shoot me an email with your address at and we'll get it sorted out!

heyo! Shoot me an email at and we'll get it sorted!

heyo! Shoot me an email at and we'll get it sorted!

heyo! Shoot me an email at and we'll get it sorted!

I'll upload a close approximation of the color cover. The issue is that since it's risograph color, it will be *close* but not quite exact

Honestly, Knave is my favorite, where anyone can cast a spell (albeit how well depends on ability score) as long as they have a spellbook

Were doing equity mailing, so it's $12 USD total to anywhere in the world!

Hey, so this is a resource for those looking for a place to start and what the process is going to be like.

I've been regularly documenting the development for about a month or so and am already a good chunk of the way through!

Bam, done it

can do! Lemmie post that tonight. (Was NOT feeling up to it last night)

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Appreciated! (love ALL of your stuff btw)

Brian Yaksha made the point that there's a lot of writing on "design" and "theory" of dungeons, but not a whole lot of documentation on the actual process and work that goes in to making them. I'm hoping this becomes a useful design document and maybe more folks start doing it for larger projects,

Yup! That or A4 paper, if its a little off (because of printer bleed limits) just do "Fit to Page" and it should be fine!

Shoot, ok lemmie try to fix that

Working on it... if you know a distributor who might be interested in stocking it let me know!

Don't forget to check out the soundtrack here:

Heyo! There should be a backer-only update with a direct link, otherwise we're planning a mass email with links

Yup! Check out in a bit, we had a snafu with the shipping but i'm sending some more as of now.

Of course! If it fits the theme, go ahead!