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Really well done

Really nice, it put a smile on my face once I got what you were going for.

Sup duty o/,

here with the feedback...
Im not gonna write about the the obvious stuff like sound bugs, art etc etc.

It plays pretty well. The movement has good balance between control and inertia. You could maybe change it more towards control and make it more like bullet hell type of game. Not sure how that would go.

I would add some long range missiles (maybe even homing) for enemies. Right now it can be pretty easy to just snipe stuff (with like 5% accuracy) from afar. Making the player go in and take out annoying silos/tanks would spice it up imo.

To spice things up even more you could give the carrier some HP and allow enemies to hit it.

There should be information on the screen somewhere about remaining HQs. Its on the map right now, but you have to fly around and look for them (maybe that was the intention).

I think you should keep working on this and polish it, its pretty fun.