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Ara Fell community · Created a new topic Wow!
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Obviously a ton of work and passion went into this. Lots of custom graphic work and thoughtful storytelling really drew me in. Great work. Knowing what kind of time and effort goes into development, I can see this one is from the creator's heart.

Thanks for making it!

Hi! Yes. I used e-on VUE to create each of the scenes, animate the creature models, character sprites and then brought it all into Photoshop to make the sprite sheets, tiles and composite backgrounds for each level area. It's a similar technique to how the level areas of the first Resident Evil games were produced. I liked the idea of the player walking across the pages of a story book, so each and every screen in the game is its own separate image, aside from the tile maps. Thanks! I'm actually playing your Rogue vs Evil right now in my browser. It's awesome fun! I left a review for you. My next project is a retro brawler rpg, so I'm looking forward to getting back to basics with some sweet pixel art this time around. Your enemy sprites are really nice. Cheers!

Love it!

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Hello friends. My name is Justin and this is my game. I am offering a Steam key along with each purchase for some time, until I run out of keys, so if you know of anyone who may enjoy a great read and a challenging turn-based crawl, then please share! 

The Warriorlock is a challenging turn-based rpg with a relaxing storybook presentation and a sense of humor. Escape into an alternate reality as a young and talented adventurer, whose next mission will bring him to battle his own demons in this original and twisted tale of mind over madness. 


I created all of the game art, backgrounds, animations, icons, menu backs and character sprites using several programs including Carrara, Photoshop, e-on VUE and TimelineFX. The game itself is built on a heavily modified VX Ace engine, using many custom scripts (ruby) and a few old-school tricks to create a unique and highly detailed game world, with a large variety of characters and creatures, and exciting combat mechanics like stat-driven turn-order, turn wait gauge, action point-locked talents, bribe option and victory item drops.

About me

This is my first complete video game, but I have worked on many projects from designing kindle books and programming basic text-driven games to mixing music and producing digital art for various projects. I love writing, playing keyboard, guitar, making 3D & 2D assets, textures, map tiles, parallaxes and general world-building—creating things for others to engage with and enjoy. 

Here is my game:

Please take a look. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!