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hi, what does this operation mean <>? I was a little lost here

I'm waiting to buy! Thank you.

will there be any promotions this week?

Hello, what is the size of the bgs?

I am trying to make a game in this style, last question

 you made the player walk up with the bg or enemies down?

Nice game. One question do u place the enemies automatic with waves or manually?

work well in vertical?

I'm looking to buy this pack and the enemy pack, can't you put them together so I can make only one purchase?

any promotion soon?

any promotion soon?

the hero and enemies have this white  outline?

hello, any sales soon?

Do you intend to make other assets with crops, animals?

do you make a commission?

size and styles

hello, im using this character to prototype a game. 

Do you think it suits your pack?

any sale soon?

will it be available for patreon too?

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if you find it try to upload it for me. Do u have others enemies packs to sell?

why u deleted my comments?

Do you have plans to add any chests and barrels?

Hello, love this asset. Your other assets, the knight and a enemies fit well in these tileset?

Good night, besides your pack of enemies, do you have any assets here on the site that you recommend that match this one?