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Sorry, i fix the problem

hi, this tileset was also made by you?

Boa noite, tu faz comissão? Queria saber se consegue fazer um personagem para mim

Hello, the player have hit or death animations?

Good evening, do you think I can use these creatures with the platform tileset pack?

show! Is there any tileset here at itch that you think suits these characters?

Good evening, I bought the pack these days, do the blocks with question marks have animations?

do you have a castle set?

can you tell what the new pack is about?

Good night, will you have any promotions soon?

Hello, your patreons have access to this pack?

Hello, this pack is included in your patreon ?

Hi, I already bought the enemy and player ships pack. My doubt is that the enemy pack doesn't have the bullets for them to use, are the bullets in the player's pack "good" for the enemies to shoot?

good night, do you think that the player's ship shots work with enemies?

Is there any chance of having an enemy?

hi, is possible to rotate the weapon like in nuclear throne?

I'm looking forward to it! What is the license of these assets, can I make a game with it?

did you lose the files? That sad! Assets of what kind?

Good work! Could you share the powers up too?

Thank you

whats the size of the tilesets?16x16?


hi, i already bought the package, i would like to know if you have this background of the images and if you can put it in the package?

hi, what does this operation mean <>? I was a little lost here

I'm waiting to buy! Thank you.

will there be any promotions this week?

Hello, what is the size of the bgs?

I am trying to make a game in this style, last question

 you made the player walk up with the bg or enemies down?

Nice game. One question do u place the enemies automatic with waves or manually?

I'm looking to buy this pack and the enemy pack, can't you put them together so I can make only one purchase?

any promotion soon?

any promotion soon?

the hero and enemies have this white  outline?

hello, any sales soon?

Do you intend to make other assets with crops, animals?

do you make a commission?

size and styles

hello, im using this character to prototype a game. 

Do you think it suits your pack?