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Better than the original

My steam username is FelixTheGayFox

Thank you

Hello I purchased the game last year whats the best way to message you about getting a free steam key? 

Nice short horror

Looking forward to chapter 2 I streamed your game yesterday its at 1hr 8mins to the end of stream. I really enjoyed playing your game. I streamed your game yesterday, I really enjoyed playing it. I streamed your game its at 2hrs 39mins. Its a good game, I streamed your game and it was really good. Its at 2hrs 26mins. I streamed your game its at 2hrs in, it was a good game. I streamed both Halloween 1 & 2 Asylum on stream tonight, first games I stream tonight. Really enjoyed them and I hope you make a third one.

Really enjoyed playing this demo, looking forward to the full game

Great short horror game, really good jumpscares.

Loved playing it, it was so scary would like to see a longer game version

I loved playing this game and I would recommend other people play this too

I really enjoyed playing the demo, well done its a really good game

I really enjoyed playing the demo, looking forward to the full game