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Dunno, the speedup is pretty noticable. In the code it is at least 2x as fast.

But yeah, some sort of skip, or simply a thing that prevents boss cutscenes from being played several times (at least if they are long scenes), is planned. Though I don't think it's quite as annoying as you make it out to be, but that might just be me.

The dialogue is sped up if you simply hold the attack button.
Though, what dialogue in particular are you talking about? I assume it's some dialogue before one of the bosses?

Posted in Nice game!

Thanks! Done tons of polish before putting out any new demo for months now, so I'm glad it payed off. Got loads more plans for the game. :

Ah, alright, I see.

What I'm thinking is that I'll give you the key myself, as that'll be much easier. I doubt I have to tell you much about the mess the bundles makes anyway, you have experienced that just fine on your own. :P

First off, was it a Steam key you wanted, or Itch.io? And also, do you got anywhere safe I can send things to you? As sending it here would of course be risky since anyone could snag the key and whatnot. :)

Also unrelated, but if you wanted to buy IGB in the state it was in back on release day and such, you'll probably like how much better it is since then, too. It's hardly stayed unchanged through 30+ updates, to say the least!

Hey, main developer here! I believe ink has received his key by now (?), but your comment is really recent (4 hours ago atm when I write this). So do you mean that you still haven't received your key for the game? As I've experienced so much trouble with these bundles, so I wouldn't be surprised. But let me know, and maybe I can help you out.