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Alright great, haha. Just had to check. :P
And that's also good! I had one or two reported I think, but it's mostly just animation bugs. And considering they weren't found before release despite testing, among other things, they probably aren't too frequent.

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Glad you enjoyed it!
Also, just to clarify, you had music off in the settings right? As I couldn't hear any in your video and would just like to make sure it isn't somehow a bug. :)

Thank you! I appreciate comments like this a lot. :)

Also, that said, it's a bit funny because you actually aren't looking at an up to date version of the game either, haha. The footage here is outdated, so the game is even further than what it looks like at the moment.
Plus, the game also has a comic series (I should probably link that on the page), which is 20-ish pages in over here: https://tapas.io/series/The-Legend-of-The-Artifact

So yes, a lot of stuff has happened, and will definitely keep happening. Far from done with the game itself as well as the comic series. :P

Haha, enjoy!

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Basically everything, haha. The core demo is the same, but it has new graphics, heavily updated gameplay, heavily rewritten dialogue, Easy Mode + Hard Mode, new features, etc. And some new story stuff added in (so it's a bit longer now, iirc).
So yeah, the core is the same (mostly same bosses and events and such), but basically everything around the base is different.

Overall you'd kinda be getting a heavily upgraded version of the older demo, with a good bit of new stuff also included. It's worth playing if you liked the older demo. :)

Dunno, the speedup is pretty noticable. In the code it is at least 2x as fast.

But yeah, some sort of skip, or simply a thing that prevents boss cutscenes from being played several times (at least if they are long scenes), is planned. Though I don't think it's quite as annoying as you make it out to be, but that might just be me.

The dialogue is sped up if you simply hold the attack button.
Though, what dialogue in particular are you talking about? I assume it's some dialogue before one of the bosses?

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Thanks! Done tons of polish before putting out any new demo for months now, so I'm glad it payed off. Got loads more plans for the game. :