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Hello again! I checked the ZIP file and everything looks fine. Please give it a try again and, if you still have difficulties in opening the files, please email me:

Hi! I'll review the content and reupload today

Oh, I'm sorry! I'll correct it immediately

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the support!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the support!

Thanks for your support!

HUNT community · Created a new topic Awesome game!

Fantastic and melancholic! Can't wait to go on a Beast Hunting!

Yes! Release those monsters!

Thanks for letting me know! Fixing it right now


Thank you!

I do work with commissions. If you want to talk about your project, you can contact me here

I usually add a brief description in my IG, @monster_ground. You can check it there

Quero na minha mesa hoje ao meio-dia!

Thank you!


Thank you!


Looking forward to seeing what you're about to do!

Thanks for the support! 

Yeah, I need to get that fixed

Boa! Vou adicionar à lista

Glad you like it! Thanks for the support!

Thank you!

Glad you liked it!


pode ser pelo Instagram, @elmqz

Poxa, muito obrigado! Vou procurar o Junges, sim! Abraço!

Pretty nice room, with lots of possibilities of replayability

This is the Stone & Sorcery game you never knew you needed it! 

The system is simple but solid and the setting is amazing!

Now go get your bone club to smash some dinosaurs!!!

Can't wait to see it!

ohh! You're very kind! But it's not necessary! I'm just waiting for my computer to be ready so I can set the things up! Thanks a lot for your interest!

Amazing adventure site, with many opportunities and danger for mice adventurers and a chance to do good deeds. Highly recommend... if you're not afraid of ghosts

Sure! I will try to work on it next month! Thanks fot the interest!

Ooh verdade! O correto seria dez pontos de Fúria


This material is amazing! Now the weather rolls will feel more dynamic, and will make more sense. Thanks!

Wonderful content. Definitely gonna use in Mausritter campaign


Feito! Só falta a tabela

Luta de Classe hmmmm amei

Verdade, hein!