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the mission was just after the choice

so i was doing a quest and the prophet Sasarasa? or something was still in prison after i defeated EVERY SINGLE THING with my livin scalpel at the hideout so i did just do asolutely no progress on the story for not doing a quest SO i suppose you should make him teleport to the hideout so i cannot 1v1 him at the prison

but already dead


Axu community » Mods · Created a new topic so i want to spawn a npc

how do i spawn npcs like grum?

this is preetty cool bbut it isnt ashard to beat as the1.0 boss it is so hard

what an ez boss heck i beat the shreder boss at 1.0 and he does not like visitors so much that he has about10 10 weapons at a direction just think of the


this is the bug after i beat the enymy the game freeses in place

hey i have some problems with lag it causes the game to freese when i win a battle also the mortarfull enimies are an nuicence like the enimy has 10 mortars

yes it does

that thing made my run so hard but for now this will do

and what happens next?

my iland

victory against the boss now i am the most powerfull iland!!!! 

jwiggs i like your game the only problem i had is the esc key since it makes you go to the main menu whinout any warning