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I get to the point where the enemy king spit at me through the walls and then I can't win, it just never dies

Oh Cool! Waiting for it then!

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Just playing my third round, to try for another ending, I went with Quackity president, but I got stuck during the skeppy fight, at some points the options just didn't appear? (when Quackity join the fight)

edit: tried to go back and choose some other options, but I always eventually get stuck with no more options appearing, trying to take down the decorations etc

I got stuck at the moving up-down plateform, but else it's fun!

I'd have given the player a few moment to learn controls before starting the lava too

The medium sized meteor are a bit buggy, but it's a nice first game otherwise!

Good mimic! Character is a bit pixelised, but the background is nice

I'm so excited for this! And all the known faces!!!

The screens are so teasing, this is really going to be treat!!!!

I'd be down for doing french translations, when that happens! :)

Uh, my apologies for thinking it was from a game, but super cool that you credited all the same

have a good day too!

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Not sure if you consult this page, or the ludum page more, but shouldn't you credit the game you took the music from?

I mean, your game itself is really good, but I'm surprised by the no credits

I really liked the game, but I wish we could loop around the screen. Not the items, but us, because otherwise any item on the edge is just lost and you might as well push them out

THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! <3<3<3<3

Even if it's unfinished I'm having way too much fun just trying to fill the screen with those little guys XD