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Oh wow that's crazy, small world! 

We're glad you like it! 

Yeah there's no sound currently, we ran out of time hahaha.

We'll improve the controls too , thanks for playing! :D 

This is a great game, so simple yet so fun! 

Not that dissimilar to our own submission haha (great minds!)

We look forward to seeing what else you create :) 

Thanks for your comment, we'll look into improving the controls, clicking on the lights seems to be the most requested method,

Thanks again! :) 

Thank you! We tried to make this game as realistic as possible. We spent a couple of days at numerous traffic lights to study how they act in their natural habitat. We even managed to record some mocap for a few of them, hopefully it shows! 

Thanks for the comment, we're glad you like the collisions hahaha! 

We will look into making it more obvious when a car is turning, perhaps some road markings would help?

Thank you so much!

We considered touch controls when building this, we'll stick them in!

We love the arrow idea, we definitely need to make it more obvious what the lights control.

Thanks again for helpful comment :) 

We're hoping in the not to distant future we'll have a non VR version for people to play :)

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Thanks we're glad you like the look of it! Hopefully in the future we'll be able to get together a non VR version so you can play :)

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Ahh yes unfortunately once uploaded we discovered that itch wasn't to happy about the amount of memory it wanted to use which in some cases would lead to it crashing. If download the standalone version you should be able to play with no problems :)

That's unfortunate to hear, could you give us some more information? Such as if were you playing the browser version or the exe? 

@FriendlyFrog we're glad you liked it! We had loads of fun making it

@Capital Ex it was indeed! One of the team did the singing and the other did the backing music

We really liked this game, but it's almost unplayable with the current controls. The shoot button for the second player shouldn't be Ctrl, when pressed at the same time as the first players movement, it interacts with the browser (Ctrl + W closes the tab for example). The sounds were really nice, but it would've been cool to have some background music.

Great submission :)

@BonozoApps Thanks for playing our game! The reason you couldn't control the cannons was because you didn't start the game as the vive player (there was another red sign when you were on the podium). We enjoyed your stream non the less! Maybe at some point you could try playing it with a few friends, we'd love the feedback!

Thanks again for the review :)

This is one of the better games we have played on itch! The ideas cool and the graphics all tie together pretty well. The only issue we found is that climbing up the rope is very glitchy, sometimes when we pressed the trigger on it, it would just move us backwards a few feet. Other than that super game!

Pretty cool game and we love a bit of procedural generation! The graphics that were in the game were pretty nice and the sounds were great too! We would say however that the controls could be improved to be more intuitive, like touch pad to move, grip to pick up your gun, and then trigger to shoot? Either way hope to see more of this!

A really fun idea and we now know what a marimba is! This is good example of a simple idea done well resulting in a fun little game.

Being able to launch balls miles was kind of fun but probably would be more interesting if you went for a more realistic strength to the throws and there was fireworks or something when you score.

Not a bad game! The idea is pretty cool too but we think it would have been better if you control the bike by turning the handle bars left/right as leaning was kinda disorientating.

Thanks Hadley! We're working on a demo so you should be able to try it out soon!

Thanks for the feedback Stalnia, we hope to have a playable beta soon! Follow us on twitter @FeistyCrab or keep an eye on our page for it :)