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nice but the car is so hard to drive

glad you can work it out quickly

hey, are you online? i used to download it on windows, but i cant download it now

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64 bit, but it says the game wont apply to windows

Why this game can not run on Windows

Nice expected it for long time

Well, please just be quick.I want add two new games on Steam.It makes me feel comfortable

Why can not I see it on Steam?

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Sounds great!I am waiting for it!

I am so excited to hear it!!And when will you probably release this game?I believe that you will certainly make the game more fun,because you are pretty awesome!

Thanks for all the comments you replied to me!And are you working on  another metagame like this?I am looking forward to your third game like this!

cc  love you very much!!hopefully you will release more fun games!!

The last question:How to stop this game from turning off my computer?.Because I am going to record a video for it and put it on a website.XerStudios hopefully you can reply to me

Chinese player?What a coincidence. I'm a Chinese player, too.I think we can get to know each other.

Well, this game is as good as I expected,and it has  absolutely great musics,love it so much!

Thanks for becoming my first follower,and I hope to make friend with you(this  is a such awesome game)

And will this game truly break my computer ,or will i uninstall it and everything get back to normal?(my English is not very good)

what computer configuration does this game require, i mean that how much memory the game needs

I could not find my friend,where  is he?where can i hand the  present to him?

it is my first time to paly the game and this my record


Are you kidding me??!

nice game

awesome game

so great

it is really good that you can do so well in your first game