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That's not the issue. I have made over 400 steel. It doesn't show on the resources screen.

If it helps, I usually play as the foxes that start with steel. Maybe that's what the issue is?

Can we get steel put on the resource list?

I see screenshots with steel on the list, but none of my games have it. There's not even a spot for it.

Do you not believe in supporting games earlier by paying more into it and getting a bit more play time? Cuz that's how prices for games work. Over time things get cheaper, sales let more people get the game, and you still have had more play time than anyone else.

Alright, very nice. I got to the shop on my first run, but I wasn't really paying much attention to the game. Speed runs here I come. Well done though, another great game!

The game doesn't work if you have more than 1 tab open? Okay then... lemme try again then

It's too bad I can't get farther than A and D in the demo.