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I loved the extended demo so much can't wait for the finished product! I hope it's free if not I'll respect your wishes and pay for it, this game is amazing!

I didn't expect this to be for gay men since I'm a trans male and play dating sims as female protagonist most of the time but this just made me so happy. IT WASN'T THE WORST DATING SIM PROBABLY THE BEST ACTUALLY KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK AND THANK YOU FOR THIS MASTERPIECE 

This was great! Left me satisfied in the end :)

This was amazing! Still don't know if you guys respond or anything but I really love not only the story but how you keep the same charisma of the original characters and incorporate it into this game! I've been wondering if you'll be making a sequel at all! I really would love to see what happens after but I understand if you would rather not make a sequel. You did a great job on this and I respect whole heartedly if you wouldn't want to