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Federico Simone Cao

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So happy you liked our game! Thanks a lot ^^

Thank you so much! ^^ Yeah controls are a bit clunky, they for sure need some tuning haha 

Thank you for trying out our game! We really appreciate your feedback! We'll try to make the boss more challenging for sure! ^^

Thank you so much!  We'll try to improve the game and polish as much as we can. Thank you again, we really appreciate your feedback! ^^

Thank you so much for trying out our game!! Yeah it's a little way too difficult at the moment due to the controls system ahah We will tune it for sure to make it more enjoyable! :)

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I love it. It's simple but hella fun

Thank you so much!! Too kind ahah  Glad you enjoyed our game :) 

Glad you enjoyed the game and thank you so much for your kind words! :) 

You are right about the armadillos ahah The color made them blend too much with the rest of the environment. In the future we will for sure change them to make them more visibile.  They spawn from barrels or chests you destroy, but in the the future we'll probably add an animation to make it more clear! 

Thank you for playing our game! we're so happy you liked it! ^^  
We might consider your suggestion, for real :thinking:    It could for sure help. Thanks again! :)

Thank you, happy you liked the game!! :)
Some weapons indeed are way stronger than others ahah We for sure need to tune them better and balance them more around their cost in toilet paper. We wanted to create one for every style/situation. The strategy is to use the worse weapons at first in order to save up toilet papers and spend them later on the expensive and stronger ones for more difficult stages (and the boss).

Ahah grazie mille! :)

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ahah no worries ^^ and thanks again !

But i remember it being there from the very beginning   :thinking:  You sure it wasn't there from the start?  (i didn't change the submission)

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Thank you so much for your review Samuel! :) We appreciate all of your feedbacks, sincerely!  You are totally right about everything you've listed,  we definitely need to add sounds for more interactions to give stronger feedbacks and we should make the enemies more readable. We'll for sure work on those things in the  near future when the jam will be over ^^

About the OST, we gave credit to the composer because we used one of the musics he posted on youtube (to be precise: Fastest Gun in the 8-bit West.). He stated that his works were free to use as long as people gave credit to him. The music is indeed perfect for the game ahah 

Thank you so much ahah! So happy you liked the game ^^

Glad you liked our game :) Thanks, we appreciate it ^^

Thank you so much for playing and reviewing our game :)  We'll try to fix the barrells issue and yeah,  we need to balance the game for sure ahah We're working on it and hope to give a better experience by the end of the week ^^ 

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Thank you so much for your  feedback! We are so happy you liked  WOLO ^^ We'll try to work on the difficulty (along with other stuff that needs a fix) during this week of polish! :)

Ahah don't take pity on him! He's evil :P  

Thanks for playing our game, glad you liked it :)

Thanks to you ahah! Glad you liked our game :)

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Thank you very much for the feedback! We are so happy you like our game :) We are for sure going to polish things up and fix the things you've listed. You are completely true, armadillos and shield guys need some tuning ahah

Thank you so much! Glad you liked our game!  :)

Thank you so much :D! Glad you liked the game ^^  

Thanks for checking out our game! We are currently working on a completely new and better ''CubeInvaders'' and we plan on releasing it on android too! It will take time tho, since we are all students. Stay tuned :)