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His enemies do not have "AI" and that's why it's so damn difficult. He's a lazy fuckhead. 

And he does it AGAIN! There was me thinking that Daves Microwave Games would put out something playable, but I was a fool. His games consist of RUN, RUN, RUN. Laziest fucking dev I've ever came across.

I got to be honest. I didn't get to finish this as I couldn't find the crowbar in the basement, but from what I did see, I can geniunely say I hated this game and it's everything wrong with indie horrors. 

STOP. COPYING. P.T..... It's NOT scary! 

Apologies for my earlier report the "Glitch", turns out you have to press ZERO to access your melee weapon. 

I really loved this demo and I'm excited to see the full release. 

I liked it, but it was way too dark to complete the puzzles. It seems like there was a graphical glitch (everything had this black fuzz on it and I could see enemies through a certain door)

I really did enjoy this. The visuals were great and I liked the whole vibe you had going on here. Excited for the full game

Hmm... Very interesting. I like what you have so far!

WTF. Pressed E but the door glitched out. What a crock of shit.

Thanks for the response. I really don't think it's Unreal, as I've played many games that are built in Unreal, such as Dishonored, Hello Neighbor, Outlast, to name a few and I can run them on fairly high settings too 

There wasn't to go by really. It was kinda laggy for me too

7/8 clues for me. Couldn't get the safe open. 

According to the origami shapes and the manual guide book on the bed, plus the "Judgment time" clue I can safely assume the origami fomula is (6+1x3x8) but how does give me a password, when the safe combination is six digits? I just gave up in the end. 

I like the idea, and loved the show, but again, having the same issue with all of your games. Even on the lowest setting it runs like shit. Are the models just thrown together real quick? I don't think they're optimized properly. It's not my computer, it can run far better games in terms of visuals, so this game should theoretically run as smooth as a baby, but it doesn't.. I understand you probably just thrown this together as a test or something, but it's a shame because I can't really test it if it doesn't run well. 

Really wasn't that hard to figure out the ending. I felt this could have been optimized better and fleshed out a little more while toning things down a bit, for e.g; the landscape surrounding the area felt really pointless as upon starting you just know there is absolutely nothing out there (or at least you assume that, and never bother to check) so really the landscape just uses up memory that could have been spent on other models, such as walls, gates, fences, etc. Just some advice. I understand this may have been thrown together as practice, but I think you would do well to heed my advice next time around. Also, the walking speed was way too fast. It made navigating the tight corners of the house kinda frustrating. It's best to have a slow walk speed with a quick sprint to compensate for wide open areas. Good luck and I hope this helps!  

Will do bro! I'm following you on here, so I'll just drop you a message when I have news on it. Peace (y) 

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fucking LMAO.

The Stanley Parable meets The Shining.

I've been working on my own Spongebob horror game. It's nice to see I'm not the only one lol

Is that man supposed to have sex with your wife? Is that supposed to happen at the end? That can't be a glitch..

No. Good concept, but very poorly executed. 


Every single wall in the game is invisible... Why?...

Very poorly optemised 

Incredible. You have a real talent for story-telling! Please, please make a 3D game at some point. It could be in a similar low-poly style - not that the graphics matter, it's your imagination more than anything else.

incredibly difficult game

That's great news mate. I look forward to seeing the updated demo :P

No problem, Nyar. Best of luck to you bro!

This was great. You have real talent mate. I really hope to see more from this game! 

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C (pressed) is definitely useful for when you're moving quickly and suddenly have to crouch, but also I think CTRL should be crouch (toggled) for when you're going to be crouching for an indeterminate amount of time.  You do see this is some games where there's a button for pressed crouch and a button for toggled crouch (I think the Penumbra series did this, but don't quote me on that lol.) Thanks for the quick response.

Do you think you'll continue working on this game?

I like the design and concept of this game, but I really hate the control layout and there's no option to change it. Nyar, I really recommend you continue working on this game please - you have something good and it would be a shame if this went to waste. It's a good concept, just needs polishing. Keep it up.

Also, there seems to be an issue with the change resolution option. When I set my resolution to 1280x720, it crashed. 

Is there any way I can change my control settings to mouse&keyboard? 

Thanks man!