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Very poorly optemised 

Incredible. You have a real talent for story-telling! Please, please make a 3D game at some point. It could be in a similar low-poly style - not that the graphics matter, it's your imagination more than anything else.

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incredibly difficult game

That's great news mate. I look forward to seeing the updated demo :P

I like it man, keep it up! 

Created a new topic Cutscenes

Hello there,

Will SCP-3008 have any cutscenes? I'm a 3D modeller and I work a lot in Blender. I could render out cutscenes for this game (provided you sent me the models, textures, etc necessary.) 

I agree, but I suggest changing "couples mode" to "co-op". It just makes it easier for those who may be looking for a "Co-op" thread. 

Brilliant concept. I love it.

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No problem, Nyar. Best of luck to you bro!

This was great. You have real talent mate. I really hope to see more from this game! 

What the hell!? There's text appearing at the bottom of the screen (I'm guessing a helpful tutorial message), but it's so far at the bottom of the screen that I can't read it. I changed my aspect ratio multiple times and still couldn't make it out.

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C (pressed) is definitely useful for when you're moving quickly and suddenly have to crouch, but also I think CTRL should be crouch (toggled) for when you're going to be crouching for an indeterminate amount of time.  You do see this is some games where there's a button for pressed crouch and a button for toggled crouch (I think the Penumbra series did this, but don't quote me on that lol.) Thanks for the quick response.

Do you think you'll continue working on this game?

The lighting is really off in this game. Seems like 60% of whatever's in front of you either isn't affected by your flashlight, or it's only affected at a specific angle. 

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I like the design and concept of this game, but I really hate the control layout and there's no option to change it. Nyar, I really recommend you continue working on this game please - you have something good and it would be a shame if this went to waste. It's a good concept, just needs polishing. Keep it up.

Also, there seems to be an issue with the change resolution option. When I set my resolution to 1280x720, it crashed. 

Is there any way I can change my control settings to mouse&keyboard? 

Thanks man!

It's about bloody time!

Hot damn. This can't be free, can it?

Not available on Windows? What the hell is this all about and why do I keep seeing this? Sorry, I'm new to Itch.