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A bit challenging but I had fun solving the levels. And the narrative line is great

The sax is so cool!

Nice game, but i ran into a bug. At the forth time the blade got stuck in a corner and I couldn't move either with A and D nor the arrows.

Very beautiful game! The only issue I had was that it was slowing down like it was too heavy on ram... strange because graphics look light. I was able to finish it anyway, though!

Really nice game, I enjoyed it!
If I may suggest something, focus on the story and the atmosphere.
The game mechanics are good, but what really made me go on in the game was this storytelling of ending down in a forgotten place, struggling to reach the surface, discovering what happened ecc.
in some ways it reminded me of Ultima Underworld The Stygian Abyss.

I went to the menu to change the controls, the options slided to the right and are no longer visible. The worst is that I pressed some keys and probably changed the jump control, because now there isn't a key that will make the character jump. Also i have problems when i try to click on exit game on the menu because nothing happens. I'm attaching a screen, I'm running it on mac...

I love the atmosphere of this game, it's so dramatic, funny and crazy at the same time! The puzzles are difficult but well structured and more than once I found myself saying "oh yes, of course!"

I definitely can't wait to see an updated version :)

Amazing game! Great concept and clever puzzles! I only have one little suggestion, could the camera angle be a little wider? I often felt like I couldn't see enough of the space at once...

I hope that you'll work more on this great game!

This game is so cruel! And also beautiful... it's very hard to stay alive and in this sense it's quite different from other rp games where you can take your time to check every place and eventually kill every enemy.

I found some choices very difficult and sometimes it's just a matter of mere luck. I loved the guitar weapon.

I really enjoyed this game, I loved the concept, the levels and also all the music and effects and sounds are really engaging!

One thing I believe is to be done better is, like others said, the problems about the acceleration of the character and the way he moves and jumps. Too many times I knew how to solve a level and I couldn't just because I pressed a key a fraction of second too long or short. 

Also I believe the r key should restart the game faster. Maybe the animation doesn't need to be much faster but at least at the end of it I'd like to see the character immediately ready to move (now it takes a short little while, short but painful if it's the seventh time you're playing the level)

Thanks for this great game!