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Same issue for me, I even uninstalled and re-installed with no change

I liked the fart potion.

It was great! I am excited to check out your other games.

I played the demon's voices backwards in my video to get the hidden message! 

This game was very scary, and the atmosphere gave me chills. 

I will be sure to check out more!

I love how you can interact with the environment. I stuck him in the wash.

Fun and cute. Felt like an old Nintendo 64 game. 

The interaction with the customer in the beginning brought back the memories of retail. I got a laugh out of it. Do you have plans for more?

This is the kind of game you try to get your friends to play just to watch them rip their headphones off at the jump scares.

Pretty short and not a whole lot to it but I would check it out again if more was added.

I hope to see more!

Super scary and a good story. The voice acting was great!

This is one of the best Spongebob games I have played on here. Super weird and fun, I love it. I wll check out the second one soon.

These Spongebob games always make for a fun time. The weirder they are the better.

Very interesting game. Would love to see you take another stab at finishing it. I will have to check out your other games.

I hope to see more games like this. Short, fun and scary. Each scare kept getting me even when I went back for the extra endings and I knew they were coming.

This style of game has to be my favorite. I'd love to play more.

One of the scariest! I screamed so loud it cut my mic off.

I really did and the full game was even better. I hope you guys come out with more!

I thought I wasn't going to get creeped out by this game because I love moths, but I was wrong.

Love the VHS style and enjoyed the game play.

I always love the retro indie games.

Very relatable having worked retail and being in the store after hours. Would love to see more.

Very excited for the full game! I plan to play it right as it comes out! Love the style, the story so far and can't wait to see more.

Good game, challenging chase sequence! Thank you!

I love your game's Jeremy. I really can't wait for more. Concepts are great and story is fun. This guy... Minority opinion indeed. 

I really enjoyed this episode, you have such a great concept the game was super fun. Keep up the good work and thank you

Thank you for pointing that out to me!

Took me longer than I thought to play this but I love the concept. 

Really good, I can't wait for more! I'm terrified of aliens..

Love this style of game.

I replayed to get each ending and the same jump scares kept getting me... I'm so easily scared. Love the game.

I liked it very much!

I have never been so scared of a game...

Definitely had me scared on this one. Great concept.

Here is another episode of this game. Loved it!

Was his head supposed to do that?

This was one of my favorite parts!

I can't wait for more!

The game was a lot of fun! Definitely recommend!