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It still needs a lot of polish, but the concept is fun.

I mean, it looks nice but there's basically zero decision making. That's just not fun.

Yes much better, thank you for the update.

The game uses only a tiny corner in the top left of the screen. The maximize button does nothing, so it's basically unreadable and unplayable, sorry.

I saw exactly one island and then nothing ever again but blue sky.

Mac does not have iOS, it has MacOs. Anyways, not gonna switch to Chrome. Best of luck with the game though.

Unfortunately not. I'm using MacOS, maybe it's a mix of the two.

The game literally crashes Firefox.

Art style remind me of Off.

So.. it takes around 5 seconds. to be able to buy everything the game has to offer?

Really enjoyed this.

Also doesn't work on MacOS Firefox. Lots of warnings and errors in the console.

Fun game, though rockets are overpowered. Is there an end when you reach a certain altitude?

This is a really fun idea, looking forward to play more.
Just one thing, it took me some time to figure out what to do at all. Once I figured out to drag & drop the UI became quite intuitive, but this initial step was not clear at all (to me at least).

Oh yes much better. That was quick!

Unfortunately unreadable on a high-dpi monitor.

I took the liberty of posting your game on reddit, there's a good amount of feedback:

This is really fun!
Only complaint so far is that when I have it running in a background tab, I always seem to die.

Thanks for looking into it, but now there's a dark overlay over everything and I cannot click anything at all.

Freezes almost immediately every time.

USER WARNING: Invalid mix rate of 0, consider reassigning setting 'audio/driver/mix_rate'. index.js:14149:18

Defaulting mix rate to value 44100. index.js:14149:18

at: _get_configured_mix_rate (servers/audio_server.cpp:125) index.js:14149:18


Blocking on the main thread is very dangerous, see index.js:14149:18

USER ERROR: Couldn't find the given section "Audio" and key "SFXsVolume", and no default was given. index.js:14149:18

at: get_value (core/io/config_file.cpp:87) index.js:14149:18

Cool :)

Ok but then I think the "+" is misleading, in any other game of this genre it means how much you get. Would be clearer without the plus - or just show how much I get, starting with +0.

It says +1, then +2 and I gained 1 gold? What?

I move a few steps and then the tab completely freezes (Firefox)

That was quick, thanks :)

(1 edit)

Fun game.

I think it. would be better if the Scythe upgrade also applied to the Reaper Fish as well, he's a bit pointless like this.


Screen is cut off on the right.

Hi, web version on Firefox, Windows 10. About 30% GPU on a Radeon 7900, going to basically 0 when I hide the tab.

Fun game. Uses a lot of GPU power for some reason, though.

Sure, thanks for checking. it's a bunch of these:

still waiting on run dependencies: index.js:14111:18
dependency: wasm-instantiate index.js:14111:18
(end of list)

Followed by:

USER WARNING: Invalid mix rate of 0, consider reassigning setting 'audio/driver/mix_rate'. index.js:14111:18
Defaulting mix rate to value 44100. index.js:14111:18
at: _get_configured_mix_rate (servers/audio_server.cpp:125) index.js:14111:18
Blocking on the main thread is very dangerous, see

Stacktrace of the first:

(Async: setInterval handler)
(Async: promise callback)

Seems to be a Mac issue.

Browser console is full of errors and actually crashes Firefox when clicking the boulder :-/

Enjoying it so far :)

Same for me (Firefox)

Fun game.

I softlocked. Cheese only seems to go away with dynamite, all my pickaxes are stuck and I have no money for dynamite anymore.

As soon as I click any block, all text/numbers just vanish (Firefox)