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this was so good! the jump scares were too effective, my heart was beating out of my chest lol. not terribly difficult like these kinds of games tend to be for me, very engaging and well made!

this is everything i've been wanting in an alien horror game. but you did too good a job and i'm SCARED

can't wait for the full game

legit gave me goosebumps, great game!

excellent body horror!

this is a super satisfying little game, very unique and fun! i wish there were a little more to do so i have an excuse to play more!

well done, and a very neat premise! the paddle ball part is simple enough but i did find myself losing focus tryin' to get a look at the spooky stuff

very fun and cute!! the music is super relaxing and i love the art

i honked like a dang goose. good job

that was cute and good

i was skeptical at first since there are so many survival horror games out there, but this was really enjoyable and didn't feel stale at all. the low light and audio cues added a lot to the creepy atmosphere, and it made me really nostalgic for PS1 horror games. 
i had some issues with things being unclickable in the inventory sometimes, and i can't figure out how to reload the handgun. i think i might have pressed the flashlight button or something when i ran out of bullets the first time and after that i couldn't reload. it was in the women's restroom i think?
i think it's working up to being a really solid game, i'm gonna keep track of this one

this was really fun and cute! i loved the extra search answers. the motion blur while looking around made me a liiittle bit queasy but other than that it's perfect

this is the best dress-up game i've ever come across, i can't stop makin' monster girls over here

pretty art, chill music, very atmospheric and fun to just zone out and play. the hunting mechanic is very well done