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Glad to have been a part of this team. Congrats to everyone for the great work!

Interesting, wasn't expecting much, but ended up enjoying it quite a bit, specially the "inevitable" lines.

Took me a bit to figure the objective, I kept trying to shoot stuff hahaha. Was pretty fun, specially the message after beating it on hard, made me laugh a lot.

Great art and music, very relaxing to play. Was left curious about the black and white screen...

Pretty fun, I liked the tutorial a lot with whole coffee thing. Some nice, funny bits in there. Has the basic structure of adventures games, but even if it's simple it's quite well done.

Quite charming. A few things that aren't so good: searching the boxes in the beginning isn't so clear, and going in the dark room without a lamp can make it hard to come back out. Also, the fruit/vegetable puzzle can take a little while, due to the random nature. I loved the ending and how it goes against expectations. Pretty nice!

Any chance of a Windows version?

The atmosphere in this one is really good! The combination of the music and art style make a very cool and relaxing mood. The controls are a bit floaty, but the gameplay is really solid. Reminds me a bit of Jenova Chen and Thatgamecompany games. Liked it a lot!

Hey VexedEnigma, what's up? I'm a newbie game developer, who's only been doing it for a few weeks. I mostly use Unity and you can check the stuff I've made here on my profile. If you're still interested, we can try to make something together.