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Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks a lot !

HI ! About 10-15 minutes if you make directly the right choices... More if you don't :)

Hi ! I'm not the only one here to say that, but you've done a splendid job !  Have you other games in developpement ? Thanks for sharing your work :)

The next one ! We want the next one ! But seriously, I really enjoyed this first room. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Hi ! Amazing how you can build an atmosphere and solid gameplay with a black screen and a bunch of little sprites... Really enjoyed it. Good job ! 

Hi ! Really enjoyed atmosphere and story. Can't wait for the entire game... You have all support from the FDF Interactive team :)

Pretty cool game. Perfect for all frustrated employees... En français, du beau boulot !

Hi ! I really enjoyed this old school point and click tribute ! With some original atmosphere too... Thanks for sharing it with us :)

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Cool short game, simple but scary... Thanks for sharing it !

HI ! You can save at any time, wich loads you at the beginning of each "section" (ground floor, greenhouse, attic, etc) and save also your inventory.  Thanks for playing and enjoy :)

Thanks a lot, JoelTheGray ! I'll be less confusing with navigation next time... Even if it adds some mystery :)

Nothing like a good zombie brawl on rails... Thanks for the experience !

Yeah, a good old tricky point and click ! Thanks for the experience. 

Creeps and laughs, what a program... Thanks for the experience !

Simple and fun. In french : "Bravo" :)

Hi ! Not the point and click of the year, but I loved the atmosphere and dark humour. And all this stuff with the multiple phones... Thanks for the experience !

Pretty cool game. Tanks for the experience !

Fun, but a little too esoteric for me... Thanks anyway for the experience !

Hello. I downloaded your game on the AGS website last year and very enjoyed it. Really liked the retro style FMV point and click. In french : "Bravo" :) Are you working on something ? 

Hi ! The kind of game that pushes you to make your own... Writing, atmosphere, gameplay. In french : "Bravo" :) Is there more episodes to come ? 

A real masterpiece. Nothing else to say but... Thanks a lot !

Originality without mastery is nothing. You have both. Thanks for the experience !

Hi ! Not bad for a classical point and click. Interesting graphics and story. Thanks for the experience !

Good job ! I really enjoyed your game. Thanks for the fun !

Dark but funny, slow but suspensefull, short but rich... Paradoxes make good games :)

Hi ! Even better than "Fleshworms". It's a challenge to make a great game with very little but essential elements... And you did it !

Hi ! Thanks for the fun ! I really enjoyed your universe. Is there more episodes to come ?