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I like the new update, changed my gameplay style.

i deleted my account.

The sword is stuck in the ground. And I don't think the Knight is King Arthur.

Ending 4. Feels like a horror game type of ending.

real good

thought it would be fun at the start, but then just made me give up. Great Game!

This game clearly uses dread in a great way. It made you fear something that isn't even there. 

Great game. Boss fights are one thing games need help on, so a game with just one boss, has a good boss fight.

I also enjoyed the update that has just removed the siren thingys, they got very annoying when I was farther in the game.

Just remember to keep it on topic. Anyone shown bullying, harassing, or just being a jerk will be banned. We don't take that stuff lightly here.

Thanks, very helpful!

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With the amount of potential here, a wiki would be nice.Would be a smaller wiki, thought still a good idea.I'm thinking fandom, but you're the developer, so do whatever you think is good. Can't wait until an update is in store!

The game has a good concept, and implemented in a better way. Here's my review (BTW I'm not an official guy, I just do this for fun.)


Really good gameplay, with a 10/10 potential. A tutorial is the only thing missing. The stealth gameplay really good, with the co-op essential. This is what took off a point, as if one burglar flees then a good rob is useless.


Just all around good. No comment

Sound: 9/10

The sound easily portrays whats going on, and is essential for cracking safes. Could be better, but still good.

FUNNESS: 10/10

The game is just fun. Plain, good fun.

VERDICT: 9.25/10

The game has a great concept,with more potential. The slightly confusing gameplay is whats bringing it down. 

Hope you like the review. 

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No. You must avoid them, currently. It would be fun to at least distract the guards, but, taking them out dosen't seem as likely to be implemented. Not the dev though, so no idea whats going into the game.

This game is Great. The only problem is that the player base is so small that online play is kinda defunct, but still, great game!



I absolutely love this.

huh. huh. just huh. what will you do for the next one?

my mustang ruined my life. 10/10

Amazing Game youve got here. Very original. Good luck in the jam!

I found a great map code that features two hills, one for each side, with a valley in the middle. It interested me so I thought it would be good to share it. It's right here ---> ESMBROIREV

If it doesnt show with an M try an N

Love this game. I would really like if you added more levels with different types of people. 9/10

By another version, I'm talking about downloading.

Amazing! 4.5/5 The web version is hella laggy though.

Love it! Kept Playing round after round

Amazing Recreation. The Graphics are stunning -5 for the small bugs, but other than that, best game I've played.


Great Game. I love both genres you combined.

Amazing. THat's all that can explain this. Amazing.


This is a great game. I love the arcade style of this, and the simple(ish) controls. 9/10