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Most people have commented what I already wanted to say. it's a very good demo though, and shows a lot of promise. The one thing I'd like to point out is the oath finding of the characters isn't super great, I got stuck on some terrain object in the apartment in Shangai, I also think a run toggle could be useful, I understand not wanting to have the character move fast all of the time, particularly with how nice the art looks, but still a toggle would be great. I am eagerly awaiting the release, and just might donate to the kickstarter so it gets fully fleshed out. 

Ahhh!!! I'm super excited about this, I really do hope you release a mac version or at least that it runs well on wine like the demo does. It might be the first time I ever donate to a Kickstarter project. 

I had to play through wine as the mac version wan't working correctly (Which i see you now have removed), but this was fantastic, i loved the atmosphere and the visuals. Just 2 things, I don't love the enemy placement in the first floor, there are way to many enemies, and I wish you could implement an auto aim system for the combat as right now it feels a bit luck based when you'll line your shots correctly and when not, particularly because the turn speed is kinda' slow. Still great little demo, can't wait for an eventual full release (I imagine you are still pretty far from that) and a working mac port.