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Hello, I've been looking at your games and was considering purchasing them. However, since I am a Linux user I would be unable to play them. Is there a Linux port planned for any of your games in the future?

A very fine art style, very well done. Good looking animations, especially liked the snake death animation. The lighting is absolutely gorgeous, it really adds to the aesthetic.

However, the controls felt slightly sluggish to me, I think because there is some acceleration involved when moving(?). Also, I would get rid of the delay when shooting the fireball.

It's a simple game, but a good idea, reminds me of Scrabble.

I had fun while playing it, and I think the concept is quite good, but there could be more visual feedback when scoring, as now it seems a bit unceremonious.

Also, it is quite easy to break the letter placement. Perhaps if you snapped the character to the grid it would be easier to keep everything in place.

I get this error now:

bash: ./run /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

And if I try to execute it with bash directly:

Error: Unable to access jarfile /home/fal/Downloads/open/run
: numeric argument required 0

Looks like a very fine game judging by the screenshots, but I get an error when trying to open it, something about lwjgl64 not being in the java library path. I'm on Linux

At the moment we don't have a MacOS version, so you probably tried to open the Linux version. But we'll try and get a MacOS version up. Thanks for checking it out tho!