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this was a super cool!! an amazing game and super scary, i had a bit of a struggle with getting in the  car. but i really loved the scares and the environment. thanks for this really cool game

a new horror game video!! its been a while sense i did one of these. but yeah like and subscribe so i can feed grandpa. great game dev! honestly i loved it so much hope too see more later

what a really cool game!! I really enjoyed the atmosphere and it was actually really really scary. thank you so much for all the support and i hope you all enjoy this video!!

really fun and super cool game!!

this game scared me so badly! I honestly lost it on one of these jumpscares, thank you so much for watching this video, I put a ton of work into editing and I hope you guys enjoy, love y’all!!

super fun and a really scary game!!

dope ass game man!!

great game!

what a really cool game! the graphics are really good, and it was decently creepy the whole way through, the ending was dope aswell. i upload 2-3 times a day edited reaction compilations like this. so check it out and thanks for your support

what another terrifying game!! this one had really really disturbing visuals, and the graphics were super nice too. this is only a 5 minute reaction compilation so if you could check it out that would really help me out. I'm posting 2-3 of these types of videos a day so support is always welcome 

EXCEPTIONAL GAME!! it was visually amazing and scared the crap out of me! i loved the sound design and the atmosphere! this is just the reaction compilation of this game and is only 3 minutes long. thank you all for watching and i'll see you later!!

this was a super fun and pretty scary game! the hiding section of it was by far the scariest part. this is just my pro edited, 5 minute long reaction compilation of the stream we did. if you could subscribe that would be epic and I'll  see you guys in the next one! Love yall
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the title says it all my friend. If anyone would like to see it, I suppose I will have it ready by the 5th of July. Seems fun enough and I enjoy game devs here. And don’t you worry I love furries and won’t meme on it too hard :3

great game.... but i dont do spiders lol! i loved the atmosphere and the dev of this game makes incredible games!! this is just a reaction compilation so its only about 5 minutes long. and i really did love the game... i... just really hate spiders

BRAND NEW HORROR GAME VIDEO!! thank you all for your support this was such a great game! i love this style and the game was smooth and a ton of fun to play! thank you all so much for watch this short video love yall and see you in the next one!

this game was absolutely mental!! probably the coolest and scariest game for the month. this is just a reaction compilation so its only about 4 minutes long and it would mean the world to me if you watch it and maybe subscribe! LOVE YALL!!

an amazing demo and a really fun game! im really excited for the full game. an alien abduction and a couple missing people.. what could go wrong? this is just a pro edited reaction compilation so its only 3 minutes long so check it out and maybe subscribe. love yall!!

this game was so freaking scary! im sorry but this was almost way to much to me! i really hope this game gets more attention. on of the best horror games in its style this year. thank you for making this game. its a pro edited 5 minute reaction compilation so show it some love! LOVE YALL!!

BRAND NEW HORROR GAME!! this was a ton of fun. the concept was amazing and me and my chat loved it. this is a reaction compilation  so its only 5 minutes long and i really would appreciate it if you checked it out!

a really fun game... but poor marge, she didnt quite make it to dinner... but this is just like all my video in that is a pro edited reaction compilation and is only about 4 minutes long so consider checking it out and maybe subscribing. love yall!!

really cool and a ton of fun!! As always keep making these awesome games

so yeah… in this video I filled the baby in yellow house with about 10,000 doctor toys, an in game mechanic that I love abusing. Anyway enjoy

well... too bad i died trying to drink... would have been nice to be able to drink that sweet... sweet water. well in any fashion i had a ton of fun playing this game and my chat and me loved it. this is a reaction compilation and is really short. like only 2 minutes long. so make sure check it out love yall!!

any time! As I Said, the environment was top Tier and you did what you set out to do and I appreciate that! It’s still a great game and I’m exited for the next tapes

this was one of my favorites from your games! i wish it was a bit more clear on what to do. but other than that great game! i had a great time and got scared quite a few times! this is only a 4 minute, pro edited reaction compilation so stop by and give it a watch, it would really mean a ton! enjoy the video love yall!!

well im back with another banger!! we played this on my live stream and had a blast! its a game about turning off the lights... im sure thats it ;) but its just a pro edited reaction compilation so its only like 4 minutes long so be sure to give it a watch!! love yall

well this was a really really REALLY weird game. but i had a ton of fun. the mechanics were really odd at first but i got used to them. it was really scary to be chased through a field of hell. this is just a pro edited reaction compilation and is only 3 minutes long. enjoy LOVE YALL!!

BEST F**KING GAME EVER!! ive played it like 6 times and love it every time!!

a short but pretty fun game! my thoughts on it at 2:10! but it was pretty scary and the atmosphere was pretty solid. this is only a 3 minute pro edited reaction compilation so give it a watch and subscribe if you love daily content

this was cute at first… but slowly started to grow more and more unhinged! It was an amazing game, good style and the ending felt pretty whole. This is just a 3 minute reaction compilation so please give it a watch and consider subscribing!! Love y’all!!

well this was... interesting. i had fun and carl scared the crap out of me! its a pro edited reaction compilation and is only 3 minutes long. please enjoy the video and maybe subscribe love yall!!

 this was probably the best made game this month. it had so much that i loved about it. i didnt understand the writing as it was in french but i had so much fun none the less. this is just a pro edited 5 minute reaction compilation so i hope you all enjoy! 

j'ai vraiment adoré le jeu! J'espérais juste que tu pourrais faire une version anglaise ! c'était le plus beau jeu que j'ai vu cette année et j'espère qu'une version complète sortira

one of the saddest ways too die... by poop. this was a butt ton of fun and my chat and me loved it. We are so close to 2.81k like 2 subs away! So if you like daily Horror content and all that comes with it make sure to hit that subscribe button.

bro i loved this game so much... it was actually terrifying! i dislike this type of bird. and he was loud asf! this is just a pro edited reaction compilation so its only 3 minutes long! thanks for the support and ill see you guys in the next one! love yall!

there was no save button. thats the issue. 

a really fun and entertaining game, however... you cant... god damn... save. i played this for an hour trying again and again and couldn't save in the end. luckily for you the viewer this is only the highlights so is only 5 minutes long. so enjoy this reaction compilation!!
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what an amazing, cool, fun, and stylized game!! i loved every second of it and wished it was a little longer! good job. i post daily content just like this so if you love pro edited reaction compilations to all games come show some love. please enjoy love yall!!