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Wow, that music is really tense! It really helped in getting into the mood. I was very unfortunate in my first couple of attempts, but in my third attempt, I was in the shoes of Moon Dog. You just knew I couldn't let Moon Dog die. And indeed, Moon Dog was the sole survivor of the party.

It's simple and really fun to play. The only thing I'd point out is that there was a run where I needed food specifically, and I went through around 11 different locations and couldn't find it for the life of me, which was a little frustrating (ended up dying on that run). 

However, the descriptions of the scenarios are all really well written. It was a very pleasant experience, and I'm glad me and Moon Dog made it out. Nice game!

First of all, really like the main character's design! It's simple and recognizable. The idea is really simple, but it's executed quite well. The music makes the experience strangely cozy. I also really enjoyed the sprites used for the humans! They were quite well made.

The only things I'd point out is:

- Maybe make the character's general collision a little smaller, say, only the bottom  half of their body. It lets them look as if they're in front of the trees and gives more area for the player to move in. There were certain spots that I had to find different paths to get to because the collision on the character was too big.

-  Make the victory screen a little different. When I won, I thought I had somewhat died at first, since it just says "Game Over". Only after another run did I realize that it was the victory screen, since the aura had gotten big enough.

I also thought there would be more humans in the map, but I only saw 2 of them, and they were very close to the starting area. 

Gotta say though, I love the "slingshot" mechanic. It made it super fun and easy to move around the map, which is a big plus. Speaking of map, I also really liked that you guys implemented a minimap as well. Even though it may feel maybe a bit too small, it makes it easier at times to tell where the Mother is on the map, and also makes us able to see how big the aura is.

It's a bit of a shame the jam judge couldn't play your game, because it was well put together and I didn't encounter any bugs. Good work!

For a first project, this is really, really good! I like the art, truly puts me in the point of view of having to fight all of these little organisms. The background of the game page ended up complimenting the game really well, which I thought was very clever. The powerups are nice! The sound effects are so weird and yet they fit so well. Helps to give a little more identity to the game. Only thing that's missing I'd say is maybe some music or ambiance. Honestly, pretty solid.

Good work!

Hey, took a look at this. I can see that the game really took a hit cuz of the time constraint aspect of the jam, but I can see a little of what you were going for. The parts where you pushed the boxes to form paths showed me there's actually some different things you could possibly do with that. Also, cool model for Ember! Another thing I enjoyed was the little detail of the trail that gets left behind wherever Ember walks, as if it's them spreading hope wherever they step on. 

The game's got a neat concept and truly just needed more time in the oven to be able to get a glimpse at more of the things that were planned for it. Cool stuff on it though! 

There's a lot I liked about this. The characters are fun, (absolutely love the character designs), dialogue's very charming, the visuals in general are really nice to look at. Can't talk much about the story cuz spoilers, but it's worth it. Very nice game!

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Funnily enough, I had to get rid of a cockroach earlier today, so I kinda took that as a sign to finally play this.

The artstyle is striking. It reminds me of Salad Fingers, which gives it a bit of an uneasy vibe. After reading some of your comments and the GDD, I can see that's the vibe you guys were going for, and the visuals definitely help!

The sound work here is also a huge helping hand with that. I really like the crunchy step sound effect, but as some have stated, it could be a good idea to lower the volume of it, as it kind of overpowers the ambiance music. 

The colliders can make the character get a bit freaky at times, but I'm sure these are things you guys are already working on.

The minigames serve as a simple example of what you guys are going for, and it'll be interesting to see some of the different minigames you guys are planning, and how differently they'll play out from eachother. Depending on how they're executed, they might be the strength of the game gameplay wise. I also really like some of the humor! Though, of course, Spoogle is nothing to be laughed about. It IS a very trustworthy browsing service, after all.

Lastly, seeing as this is you guys' first game, really good job!! It can be daunting to jump into something like making a game in such a short amount of time, but it's important to have fun doing it, it's important to be passionate about it, and I feel like you guys have checkmarked all of these boxes. Keep doing stuff!

After reading through the GDD and the actual game page, I must say that the concepts you guys bring are quite interesting. Here´s what I noticed:

From the get go, I have to say that I like the atmosphere you created. The color choices, the sound part. It actually does set up that thriller vibe old horror movies had.

I also really like the fact that your newfound minions actually go out of their way to chase bread and bring them to you. I was really surprised when I noticed they were doing that!

And honestly, yeah, the sound design deserves it's own section of recognition. It's what helps to drive home the vibe you guys were going for.

I don't necessarily know if you plan to take this game ahead or not and I don't know what types of ideas you've got for this, but I can see this going in many different directions. Like, what if the bread could fight and even kill one of your minions? What if you had different objectives that would require you to split your forces between jamming new breads and doing other things? These are all just ideas I'm throwing out to you, maybe they'll make you think of something super dope.

At the end of the day, it's up to you guys were you want to take this game. But I found the concept interesting, funny, and I do think you have what it takes to set up the atmosphere you intended, so I'd say to expand more on the gameplay from now on and what the player can do. Nice work!

This game is interesting to me in a lot of ways. Here's some things I noticed:

When I ran to one side, attacked and mid attack pressed the button to go to the opposite side, the character would stay locked in place after the attack for a couple of seconds before moving. That could get you in some nasty situations if there were more enemies.

I also noticed that, when attacking the enemies from a certain distance, they'd stay still in place for a short while like they got stunned, which is fine. However, when they got attacked whilst being a little closer to me, they'd still go after me whilst being attacked and would end up damaging me. I'm not sure if that's intentional, so I thought it'd be worth to point it out.

As people have stated, the control scheme can be quite tricky. An idea would be maybe to, instead of pressing E or Q multiples times to get the color you want, use E or Q to select the primary or secondary color slot, and use the mouse scroll to scroll through the color options of the primary or secondary slot. Maybe for unequipping, double right click? It's a possibility, though I'm unsure how that would be properly translated to keyboard only, gamepad or even touchpad for that matter.

Alternatively, you could make a hotkey to mix between Primary/Secondary Color Mode, and Mixed Color mode, with the same idea of using mouse scroll to go through colors. Though, that would take away from having the player learn and handpick the different color combinations. Just throwing some ideas out here, maybe they'll spring a new idea for you.

I like the different concepts of this game. You can make so many things with this! Certain projectiles that can only be blocked by swinging a certain color, platforms that the player can only stand on when having a certain color on their brush, attacks that the player can dash through safely when having selected a specific color. I really like the idea of the area's color being restored, and it'd be interesting to see that in more complex environments. Imagine a forest receiving that treatment, for example!

The spritework's nice and is able to convey very clearly what's happening. I also really like the design of the main character! It's simple and yet has quite a bit of character.

The boss is an interesting concept to show a little of what the game could do, and I don't think there's much I can say about it without boiling things down to the game only having 2 weeks to be developed. I think there's a lot of potential you can tap into with this and I enjoyed my time with the game. Really nice work!

I found the idea of being able to die in a clicker type of game quite interesting. I don't know if it's something common in modern clickers since I don't play a lot of them, but I thought it was interesting. Here's some things I noticed while playing:

While I did understand the existence of the retaliation mechanic, I wish there was a way for me to know how much retaliation I've built up, or how much will I build up when buying a stat, since there were times I'd buy an upgrade and then get obliterated some rounds later.

When retaliation did kick in, there were times I didn't understand why and the health would go down so quickly I wasn't able to see the health bar go down; it was almost insta-game over. Maybe letting the player recover a small amount of health per click could help with that?

I did notice that some buildings would take quite a bit longer than others to be taken over, and I assume they're the Bosses you mention in the GDD. If this is the case, having visual difference between your average building and the Gigachad Boss building would be nice.

I assume bosses also have higher amounts of retaliation? There were times I'd go against a new building and my health would be suddenly drained super quickly by the new building.

It'd be also nice to have some visual representation of where that retaliation comes from! Maybe there's even some sort of mechanic you could build around trying to lower or combat the effects of retaliation.

As Nijelous said in the comment above, defence usually ends up yielding better results than health. Maybe you could give some sort of buff or status that can scale with your health. Maybe part of your speed is related to how much health you have, or how much health you have left. Something extra related to the health could help make it more worth to buy.

The art gives me some very old Newgrounds flash game vibes, which was cool. I also really like how the UI was spaced on screen. It gave the building the center of the screen and I found it very intuitive!

Honestly, with more visual feedback over upgrades, retaliation, more possible upgrades in general, I can see this being a really interesting game. This definitely has potential. Nice game!

I didn't actually think about the sub-pixel movement, that's a good catch. Thank you so much for the kind words though!

Regarding the popups, we actually had a lot of ideas for different popups, but you know how jams are! Maybe this is a project worth continuing?

The speed boost idea is really good and I can think of a couple of ways to implement that myself hehe.

We really do appreciate you stopping by and playing our game though, you really don't know the smile this put in our faces. 

Thank you so much for playing!!!

Thank you so much for playing! Hope you had a good time with it!!

WOW You got SUPER far! Even I haven't been able to get that far! Maybe it's time to step up my game...

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This one REALLY took me back to the games in really old Nokia models, and the grid helps to send that old Nokia screen vibe home! The same can go for the sound effects, as they do their job really well.

I got fascinated by the character. Such a simple and yet cool idea for a character design! I just love how the little guy moves and is animated in a way that it's clear where it's heading.

The heavy drop the jump has actually caught me off guard at first. It reminded me of how Megaman would fall from ledges in Megaman 1, so funnily enough, although it was tricky to play around with it at first, really sent me to the NES era of games. 

The checkpoints were also perfectly placed. Just the right amount and with the right distance between eachother. Far away enough for me to start wondering where the next one was gonna be, but also just within reach after going through some of the obstacles.

Although the game's name is Towers of Annoy, I actually had a really pleasant experience with it. It all just really clicked and made for a really fun experience. The checkpoints were definitely key to this, and avoided making me frustrated by having to start from the beginning. Super well done!

We can't thank you enough for the kind words and for taking the time to play it. It put a big smile in our faces!

To be clear, yes, there was a   v e r y   long list of issues that were fixed comparing the jam build to the web version. We implemented some of the suggestions, and one of them was the visual feedback in various things. I'm glad it seems to have done its job justice! The same can be said about the puzzle, since the *SPOILERS* hints in the keypad were added after feedback from the jam build!

I'm also so glad a little spook was achieved, for a myriad of reasons that I'll probably talk about in an behind the scenes log (same goes for the different endings stuff). The 2 weeks of dev. were chaotic to say the least, so I'm glad we were able to do a little bit of the intended spook.

That's such a good idea for the enemies! I'll definitely discuss this with my brother!

Once again, thank you so much for checking the game out and for the words! It means a lot!

So,  I've played this game quite a bit lately and I think that already says something.

To be straightforward, this game is my type of jam. It oozes with personality that shines through both the visuals and audio, and fits perfectly with the chaotic essence of the game. There isn't anything to say that couldn't just be boiled down to the game having 2 weeks to be developed. Things like more minigames with varied controls, different dynamics, etc., I'm sure you're all already planning your next step with it.

The visuals are unique and stylistic, the music tracks are all bangers, the sound effects are chaotically fitting and the only possible glitch that I found not only did not impact the game negatively, but somehow made it even more fun by making an odd variation of one of the minigames. And it becomes even more fun when you have people to compete against in terms of score! I, for example, often like to compete against the 3 other voices in my head!

I love things with such charm and style, and I honestly think you guys struck at gold. This is my favorite game from the jam and I'm all for suporting sick stuff like this. I'll definitely be keeping an eye both on this game and whatever else you guys make. Phenomenal job!

First of all, thank you so much for the very kind words! 

I think I know exactly what shadow monster you're referring to (that thing wasn't even meant to be there LOL)

We plan on releasing an update immediately after the voting hours are finished and it should fix these issues, including making the control scheme more familiar!

Thank you so much for taking some of your time to play our game though, it really means a lot to us. I hope you give it a 2nd visit after the update rolls out!

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I'm no big brain dev, but thought after running so much, I'd take a rest and give you some feedback!

The tutorial and voice over were really nice! The gameplay loop is also really interesting. The idea of collecting points, going for a highscore, reminded me of fond memories I had with games like Jetpack Joyride. 

The sound work fits the game perfectly! Both the sound effects and music feel satisfying to listen to. Also, really cool effect to be able to see the character through walls! It's a nice but really important touch!

I also enjoyed the fact that the gas, whilst chasing you, doesn't permanently doom any place that it passes through, since it eventually dissipates. It'd be interesting to have a clearer visual signal to when the gas completely dissipates from an area. There were times I thought the gas was gone and ended up getting damaged because there was still a bit of gas left that was hard to see.

Another thing I noticed: to close the pause menu, I can "Resume Game" or press "ESC" again. However, when I press ESC to quit the pause menu, the camera, instead of following my mouse's movement at all times, only follows its movement when I hold left click and drag (my cursor also becomes visible when this happens). It corrects itself when I close the pause menu with the Resume Game button, but I thought it might be worth to point that out.

There were also a few times in which the gas seemed to move really quickly. I think I just didn't really get a good grasp on how the gas works.

There's some really small things I noticed that I could tell you in Discord if you want, but in an overall, the game works really really well! The models are nice, the environments are quite detailed, their variations have their own small personalities due to the presence of rooms, layouts and objects that are exclusive to some of the variations, points and powerups feel satisfying to collect and I can see a handful of pathways this game can take.

 It's a game with a honestly huge amount of potential, and it's really fun to play! I had a very good time. Well done!

Got 52,000 points!

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I'm no big brain dev, but thought I'd leave a bit of feedback. Hopefully it'll be of some use to you! 

Like many others have said in the comments below, the artstyle for the characters is really interesting and the music choices are fitting! The font fits as well, though it can be a bit hard to read from time to time.

I do appreciate how you can basically use mouse only if you wish to (not saying you need to stick with that though, just thought it was interesting!).

A suggestion would be to have an indicator of how large Muriceps' attack is! I was pleasantly surprised with how generous the hitbox was as I thought the attack range would be quite small, considering it's like a punch. Maybe something similar for the rats too? Another thing to point out is that the punch noise might be a liiiiittle too loud.

Another suggestion would be perhaps for a run button! Chasing rats can take quite some time, and especially in that last really big dungeon, when you have 1 to 2 rats left, it can take quite a bit to traverse through the rooms.

Whilst I understand you'll tune the references down if you continue to work in this game, in an overall the humor was nice!

I also played the nefarious mode, and the rats chase you when you get too close, which was a nice surprise! One thing I'll point is that the distance they can damage you from seems to be quite far. There were times I'd kill a rat and receive damage. I do appreciate that you gave +2 lives after the first wave of rats in the last dungeon room, though. Also, extra modes with differences between them? That's hard stuff to do! Good job!

This is really good work, especially considering it was your first experience with Godot! Can't imagine how scary it'd feel to go into a gamejam using an engine I don't have any experience with. 

Also, yes. I'm a fan of the battlecry button. I like it. Quite a bit.

Well done! It'll be interesting to see what you do with the experience that you've gained making this game! Good work!

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I'm no big brain dev, but I heard this small town had Cow Music in it... here goes a bit of feedback!

I have to say, I quite like the aesthetic of this game! The animations for the different characters are really cool and I like the sense of humor! The soundtrack also has several bangers. Really nice job on both the art and music!

I like the small details like being able to see John's thoughts about the shelves in the radio station or about the back part of the cabin. Really helps to give him a bit of character.

I also really enjoy how enclosed spaces like the diner and the radio station were represented, I find the camera work in them really compelling.

The tiny tiny nitpicks I have is that the camera omega zooms when you're close to a wall or edge of the map and it can be a bit desorienting, and when you deliver the russian disc to the radio station guy and you talk to him again, his dialogue is the same as if you've only delivered the american music disc (Paulie Franklin's). I'm not sure if that was intentional but I thought it would change, considering he's playing the russian disc now.

A small suggestion would be to maybe discard the prompt to choose whether the player wants to enter the building or not, considering they have to press the interact button to be able to go through any doors in the first place.

As you can see, those are all nitpicks because I had an enjoyable time with the game in an overall! The writing's nice and I like the somewhat absurd but charming set of characters, and the mechanic of lowering the spread of the story is really interesting. I really enjoyed the story and can easily see this being able to get a sequel with more stuff. 

Super well done!

I am SO looking forward to just squashing these nasty bugs left in the game and also giving a couple of touch up to some things. There were 5 different ways found to softlock the game LOL

Thank you for the kind words!!! I'm glad the game was able to be a bit spoopy hehe, especially considering it was my first time making sound related stuff (and don't worry, the enemy in the stairs hallway will be purged next update, you'll be avenged)

The control scheme's definitely getting a revision, and regarding the flashlight, that was the idea that my brother originally had! Sadly, we had issues when implementing it, so we let players spin it freely. With that being said, I'm discussing with him an option/toggle to limit the change in the flashlight's angle, so that it works kinda like what you've described!

Once again, thank you so much for the very kind words and for taking the time to play our game, we really do appreciate it!!

I'm no big brain dev and haven't played Rimworld, but I followed some hexagons and ended up here!

The intro for the game was nice! I also enjoyed how there's a message log that can be withdrawn and also scrolled through, so that the player doesn't need to worry about missing the messages appearing around the map! I also found the chat sort of aesthetic to it kind of interesting!

It was also cool that when I created the storage area, STONE had been sent to go mine stone but couldn't due to storage, so after I built a storage area, STONE went there automatically, placed the materials in it, and then went back to mine (which had been their original command). Essentially, I like that it keeps track of what it's supposed to do. Nice pathfinding too!

A veeeery small thing to point out is that once I used the M button to place the Mason's table, I couldn't back out and had to place it. In the context of this prototype, it has zero bad impact, so it's just something to remember when expanding upon it!

I can see this game having a lot of potential and realized how much can be built on this foundation once the branch was introduced. Then I thought of many ways the game could walk from there. With some nice music and introduction to other "branches", this could be quite a comfortable and nice game to play with a story to keep track of (which the game did make me curious about, especially after the stuff in the end!).

After having played it, I see a lot of potential that this game can have in terms of where it can go, and it's an interesting position to be in! Curious concept, an intriguing story and relaxing gameplay. Very nice game!

I'm no big brain dev, but I felt like the goo was calling to me in the comments, so here I am!

I have to say, the game's soundtrack has some BANGERS (shoutout to the credits music)! I also really liked the animation of switching between the menus in the title screen (turning the pages), it's a cool idea! 

A tiiiiny nitpick would be that I think it'd be interesting to have a visual indicator/feedback of the invisible wall present around the green doors in the start of the level. When I started the game, I was slightly confused on why I couldn't walk to my left until I realized I wasn't meant to go around the door area yet. But again, just a nitpick more than anything.

It's a nice touch that you change the pitch of the sound when you Right Click, helps to make the sound less repetitive!

I have to say, the mechanic is quite interesting. Using the spells to affect the goo's speed and destructive abilities, and with actually having to draw the runes for the spells made for an interesting experience. There were definitely times in which I was drawing the Ice spell in a hurry (and failing miserably) because the HOT GOO was approaching. It was fun to see the fire spreading throughout long sections of walls really quickly. I don't even think I need to go on about how well this game fits into the theme!

At first, I was quite confused with the "Destroy" objective. I found the server room, which looked quite different from all the other rooms and thought "oh maybe this is what I'm meant to destroy", but later I understood that it was more as just a "you can destroy everything now" (which I did, I expect great pay from the Goo Council btw).

There's so many different directions this game can take, going from how different environments could get affected by spells together with the goo, to having completely new spells that affect the goo in different ways. Whatever the case, I think the idea was super cool and I feel like it has potential to be expanded in multiple ways. I enjoyed my time working for the Goo Council! Really cool game!

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I'm no big brain dev, but thought I'd leave what I thought of the game here!

I really like the music and art of the game! It fits so well with the vibe that the game wants to transmit, and complements the writing perfectly!

The gameplay is also really fluid and satisfying! If anything, there's only two tiny very small little ant sized nitpicks: maybe make the jump a tiiiny bit more precise, like being able to do very veeeery tiny hops. Jumping from ramps sometimes can also be a little tough, but none of these things are game breaking in any way.

I thought the puzzles were simple and satisfying to get through, and the different mechanics were introduced in a fun and dynamic way! The checkpoints were also quite a good touch to avoid frustration, and the difficulty was ramped up quite nicely!

I also really like both the visual AND audio effect that happens when you're inside of a cloud. Even though I didn't stay inside it for too long, it was a tiny but nice detail that I noticed.

Speaking of the chasing section, I really like the execution of the writings being in different directions, almost unorganized, creating a very striking difference from the calmer notes from the first stages. That, coupled with the stage being introduced with no music really helped sell the point that something was up.

In general, I had a fun time with the game! As you could see, the only things I pointed out were very small nitpicks, and that's because the game works really really well, and all of its aspects give it a very specific vibe that I enjoyed. The gameplay is precise, the sound effects and music are comfortable and uncomfortable when they need to be, and the writing is interesting and brings questions about the character, and the only thing that I could consider as a glitch (having the door slam you inside the ground), whilst undesirable, can easily be resolved through restarting (which isn't bad/frustrating in the case of this game, considering the fast gameplay, short level lengths and door locations)!

Really, really good work and very strong submission!

Hello there!!

About the enemies, they're dark blobs with a pair of red eyes that float on screen towards the player. You should've been able to see the red eyes even through the darkness, so if the eyes were not visible to you, it could be an issue I'll have to look into. Nevertheless, they currently kill the player in one hit, so a health system could help with giving feedback about the player being attacked whilst not killing them in one hit.

And thank you for the kind words! The game currently is rough around the edges with bugs like these that you mentioned (thank you for telling me about it btw), but it's somewhat reassuring to know that despite these, it does seem to have potential.

Thank you very much for taking some of your time to play our little game and give us some feedback, we really do appreciate it!

I'm definitely no big brain game dev, but I'll give some feedback and throw some ideas. Maybe some of it will be of use to you!

I like title screen! Also, it's nice that you've got different sliders to control the volume of the different audio cues, it's a nice touch! The pathfinding also works reaaaally nice.

As others have said, it'd be interesting for the tutorial to be done through a low-to-no-risk set of levels, going away from the slide format. Other than that, the tutorial shows how the different aspects of the game work in a very clear manner!

I also appreciate how the elements of the HUD show up on screen as they are introduced in each level. It lets the player not be overwhelmed and gives them time to understand each element before being introduced to another.

It could be interesting to have a hotkey for restarting the level!

I did encounter a bug in the 3rd level. The 2 humans that were together got to the Level Clear zone. However, the human that's isolated actually fell in the water. The level didn't finish on its own and since all the other humans were already in the Level Clear zone, there was nothing else to do in the level, so I had to restart from the pause menu.

Another idea is to maybe implement a counter of how many humans there are in the level, and how many have made it to the Level Clear zone.

The sound effects and music make the game quite a comfortable experience. I really dig the choices and general sound work implemented. 

I also noticed that you've got a day & night cycle. I can definitely see potential for hazards or dynamics that could occur during night stages.

Overall, I think there's a lot of potential in this game and I can see it being a very fun, comfortable strategy game that I could personally sink some time into. Really good work and submission!!

Ohhh, thank you for bringing some of these aspects to my attention. There's quite a bit of visual feedback we're implementing and it's always nice to get pointed out certain areas that could use more of that. The changes in control scheme's definitely something we've been discussing as well!

Thank you so much for taking some of your time to play our little game!

Out of curiosity, were you able to make it past the house?

See, the thing is...


You are right about the password! The problem is, this game developer doesn't know how to count... and may have put a 4 where there was supposed to be a 5. I'm gonna cook this game a bit more during these next two weeks, clean up some of these bugs, and I'll hit you up for a third (hopefully better) try. Thank you so much for the feedback though, it helped us a lot!!

Ohhh boy, the game seems to be too rough around the edges still. Yeah, tested here too, we literally forgot to put an exit button in the keypad scene LOL And to be honest, the controls should've been made clearer in game, so those are things that we plan on changing after voting season's over.

But yes, the animal combo is the secret to the puzzle. Could you tell me what's the combination you have in mind? And is there anything else that caught your attention?

This has been invaluable feedback. Thank you!

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OK SO, the strat is, it only kills you once you're using the flashlight. Everytime you enter the stairs room, enter it pointing your flashlight directly below you whilst standing still. The flashlight should freeze it in place and kill it after 3-4s!(the enemy sadly respawns everytime you enter the stairs room, so for now, since it spawns below you once you enter the room from the right side, thats the current way to sneak past it)

AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FEEDBACK SO FAR!! It really means a lot to us!!