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Hey, this is the game's composer.

I watched your gameplay video and even though the movement might need a tiny bit more polishing we are happy that it didn't ruin the experience and the team managed to achieve those "aha" moments.

I loved the whole premise, the use of health as a timer for each playthrough. Controls are very responsive, sound effects are pretty good and adequate, only the music could be a bit different, the synthwave-like music gives much more of an 80's action movie/sci-fi vibe than the rest of the game. It doesn't need different instruments, only a different arrangement (old school castlevania made medieval horror out of chiptunes).

This is more of a personal choice rather than a problem with the game, but moving a platformer character with the right hand and jumping/shooting with the left feels clunky to me. Other than that, I really enjoyed it.

A nice concept, the characters are very likable from the very beginning. The art direction (music, art, Sfx) are all working together and creating great aesthetics for the game. I'd love to see a bit of polish on the boy's running animation, it seems he kind of slides in the end of the cycle.

Great game. Intense action, high polish and style. I found a bug during Darth Mic fight, I used the R ability and my character disappeared from screen, but as it's a jam game, it's ok.