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A member registered Mar 14, 2020

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Lovely game, hope to see more from you

I accidently messed up with the cooler a few times, hah

The guy runs at us so quickly!

We couldn't understand the game, but we enjoyed the atmosphere

Beat this on our second attempt, thanks for creating the apartment game

Had a great scare early on in the game

Hilarious game with the sound effects

We definitely got stuck a few times

What was the creature?

Very dorkie game, we enjoyed running from Jack

We kept on getting caught by the guy, hah

I feel like our enemies knew quite easily that we were up to no good, hah

Unique game, what was your inspiration?

We got jumped by the creature almost immediately, hah

We found her four times and won :p

Unique game, hah

We liked how we were a circle the entire game, hah

Definitely got us scared in this game!

Beautiful looking game, can't wait to see how it looks when you update it further!

How do we go inside the house?
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How do you break out after getting the key? :o

Did we somehow bug the grate?

Very sneaky guy, gotta keep my ear on him next time

Looks like a lot of work was put into this game. How much time did you spend making it?

Nice ambiance in the game, definitely got us spooked on the third section

I loved the creature running around, hah

We found all the pieces :p

How many puzzles were there in the game?

We speedran the game like we normally do for videos, hah. Thanks for creating the game, we read it afterwards

Very unique game, what gave you the inspiration to create it?

It was fun trying to dodge the creatures, it reminds us of Dark Deception

The jumpscare actually got us in the end, hah
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Did we somehow bug the beginning of the game, or are we just very absentminded?

We liked the graphics for the game, but the boar was definitely after us, hah

Controlling a bug was fun, we were scared to see the gigantic spider coming after us, hah

Very unique artwork here, we liked that you added some funny parts to the game

Loved that the guy was walking around with a limp slowly trying to scare us, hah