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Maybe use some kind of padding before you throw a hook like that.

Its  difficult to find story-rich games now that can leave a lasting impact, regardless of run time, and this 30minute game, this simple yet wholesome game managed to engrave a statement, I really do applaud the creators of this game.

If you like Emily is away, if you enjoy controlling your own story. And if you enjoy having freedom in a game then I suggest this whole-heartedly. Effort and passion was poured into this game, and it shows with its quality.

Its just a wonderful story with an amazing art direction, the music is mellow and suits both walks, yet you cant help but feel the silent story resenting inside yourself. This is a wonderful game, or even visual novel that everyone should at least experience once. Its mellow, peaceful and has a beautiful understanding of both sides of the world.

This game is fantastic, the art direction coupled with the branching story. It's defiantly unique and not something to avoid. My only complaint is how hard the punch to the gut is towards a few of the endings. You play the game you'll understand. It really knocks the air out. 

But this really is a fantastic surreal game thats both relaxing and well paced.

It was short, simple, but really hit hard.