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well, i didn't bother to optimize it, since it's just a game for youtube video :p

It also has fully run time lightning

wanna download 6gb game that uses 90% of my 3080 rtx  on your mobile?
I can package it for you!

Yeah, i forgot to specify min reqs, thanks!

just wait a bit

yep you can

oh, probably. It still works only with keyboard :)

nah, it's only for windows 64 bit

it will probably run at 30fps or so

(2) you can switch by jumping + A/D to turn + S to force landing

Thank you <3

if you don't own at least 1050, don't even try to run it on high/ultra

my cpu was 96 degrees celsius while making this

source files (without paid assets) uploaded and can be accessed via Patreon

I share them on my Patreon

will be here in 1 hour or so

you can make it via console commands (RunConsoleCommand node)

It's a paid music from ue marketplace


the easiest way is to make a shortcut of .exe on your desktop, then rightclick and add -dx12 in "Target"

It probably will on low settings, can't promise though

sure it will


they do on my side

Does it freeze completely? It should be like 1sec freeze or so. I'm doing Level.Restart, so yeah, it's not really optimal :D

Nope, previous projects do not have settings

It's probably because I fixed pipes hitboxes. So somewhere it's a bit too small and the bird bumps into actual mesh and behave like that. I should have disabled mesh collisions at all

shift+5 to activate rtx

we'll see :)

I'm not sure about requirements to be honest. Is there any tool that can help me with that? Btw, there is low-settings mode without shadows and post process, it might even run on a low-end pc

it's offline ofc, I'm not sure about specs, but I played on my i5 8300 and 1060 with 60 fps

Maybe itch io servers are lagging

Thank you!
Not really, game jams is a nice thing though, I should definitely participate in the future

haha nice strat! I'm not sure about lag though, maybe a bug with enemy actors destroying

haha, that would be cool but it's not so easy to add level editor

I'm not sure about reqs tbh, I just can say it works 60+ fps on my dell laptop with i5 8300H and 1060max Q

I'm not sure tbh, I just can say it works 60+ fps on my dell laptop with i5 8300H and 1060max Q

Tbh I don't know :c

I don't have any currently, sorry. I'm planning to make them in future tho!


the assets are quite optimized tho, but yeah, I guess you got the point