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This had me laughing out loud. So much fun, and such a different concept with genuine confusing and frustrating parts! Really enjoyed!

So adorable! Loves me some kitties!!

Oh my god, so much fun, and so much more difficult than I thought! Didn't even realised I could get on the buildings!

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Very challenging for what it is! Really enjoyed playing this one, it's great to look at and really makes you think about what you're doing.

Not what I was expecting in this game, but as I cat lover, I couldn't resist it! The artstyle is adorable and clean, and the story that goes alongside the game play makes playing to the end worthwhile. I really enjoyed this, so thank you for putting in the effort!

Loved the style of this, and the puzzles kept me interested. For a 3 day jam, you've done a remarkable job of telling a story in an interesting way.

I had so much fun with this! Super relaxing and addictive gameplay! Thank you!

A short game with a very unexpected ending! Being a cat lover, I thought this was well worth the time, and a beautiful art style!

For this being a university project, I really do love it! There's such an element of peril that I really wasn't expecting, and the fact that there's three levels to play adds a great depth (if you'll pardon the pun!) 

Loved this! Such an iteresting mechanic, and two beautiful worlds in one! A short offering, but a must play!

This is a game of pure joy! There's nothing I like more than an objective to pet a pup! Amazing job!

This was amazing! I wish there was more, this was a world that I wanted to just explore. The story was sparse, but enough that you could grasp what was going on, and the art style was brilliant! I look forward to more from you guys in the future!

I adored this! I can't wait for more, and fingers crossed it comes soon!

I wasn't so sure when I started, but I am positive I want some more of this! More of an interactive novel, the artwork and style are just great!

I love, love, loved this! Can't wait to see more! Such a unique style, and I adored the art!

I loved this! So much fun, all round death, cute artsytle!

Another chapter that I enjoyed SO SO much! Thank you for your wonderful art work and great story telling!

I loved playing this! So much drama and so much fun! Can't wait until the full version!

This was great fun! I'd love to see a full game developed from this. Interesting world, and beautifully designed, bit of a different concept from normal puzzle/platform style games. All in all I'd play it again!

I really enjoyed this, but I think I missed a bit of story at the beginning! It was fun to play and showed that you've put a lot into it. Can't wait for the full game!

I enjoyed this for what it was! A nice runner, but a bit more threat would be lovely!

This sloth and I have been through it all. And by all, I mean this episode! It's a roller coaster of emotion from the initial happiness of being back in the drivers seat, to wanting to reach through the monitor and strangle the dude! Hope you enjoy!

I must admit, this one seriously caught me on the back foot, but it was sooo much fun to play. Perfectly strange, occasionally very creepy, and so, so infuriating at times! But I made a video, I'm glad to see that you guys haven't recorded thousands of names, and that I just happened to pick the right one!!

This was amazing! Completely unexpected and fantastic twist! I adored the internet searches as well!

Played this and loved it! The music and art style really set it apart! Few tweaks need made, but it was an enjoyable look at what's to come!

I had so much fun with this, I can't wait to play more! Art style and audio choices are super adorable as well and only add to the slightly creepy vibe! Loved it!

So much rage, but so much fun! Can't wait to play some more!

This was great to play, loved it!

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Didn't read the above blurb before playing, so on the first time through it was a great shock to the system!

Loved it! Lots of swearing!

As an FMS sufferer, it was lovely to see someone put daily struggles into this format.

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Loved it! Had issues getting the save file to work (didn't auto generate) but otherwise this was great! Loved the visuals and the audio, you managed to make me jump at least once!