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Thank you

Hello everybody! 

Did anybody try this with a PS4 VR Headset and Trinus PSVR? It would be great to know, if this works. 

Also: purchasing only provides a steam key, right? Any help would be highly appreciated! ☺️

Awesome! This did the trick for me! Afterwards I added a {remove-sprite} so the door will crack open after first push. I am really satisfied by the outcome. Thank you so much for this amazing work and support. I think it's a pretty clever design decision btw. You should keep it that way. I just wasnt smart enough or experienced enough to figure this out. So I am really thankful for the Support!! 

Thank you for your help! It totally worked out for me and now I have every script running for my little project. But I have one question left: after I set up the door and key, the blank dialogue box will pop up two times when using the key in the door. Can I disable the boxes in that case? I was already thinking about filling it with a text maybe as a workaround, but maybe i just dont understand, why these boyes do Pop up and why this happens two times. Any help would be highly appreciated! 

Thanks for your help! I will try that! 

Thanks for your reply!! 

And is there a dedicated Discord? 

Môsi community · Created a new topic Key to pass?

I am already working on a little project, but there is one thing I cant figure out. I know how to collect items, but what are the steps, I need to take for a simple "get one key to pass a door"? There might be an option with the move-avatar script in addition? If multiple items to collect for a specific goal isnt too hard to do, I would be interested in that, too. Thanks for any help! 

This Tool is super awesome! Since it is already awesome to use on mobile devices, I was just wondering if you are thinking about a dedicated mobile app? I love to use this! Great work! Cheers

This looks so good! At the same time really challenging! Definetely gonna try it! Love the commercial!

Will you offer the full version of the game for sale here? I am interested in buying :)

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Hello there! 

I was just wondering, if we could get a small description of the Famicom Updates? 

same here...but ghostdancer is totally right! It's your software and we are glad about the development either way!