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After 27 consecutive days, I finally finished the game. I was incredibly unlucky until today and the feeling of sheer accomplishment overwhelmed me. Is this how people feel when they beat a boss in Dark Souls? I can see how that'd be addicting.

That being said, very well done! It's not often I come across a game that's challenging, but not too hard that it frustrates me. The procedurally generated rooms/floors kept things interesting, and I really enjoyed learning the various monster and environmental hazards. The first time I walked into a spike trap was quite memorable.

"Why is this tile different than the others?" Steps on it and dies. "Ah."


I don't know what possessed you to make this game, but well done.

I don't know how deep this game is meant to be, but it really resonated with me. Having had gone a horrible breakup a year ago, the uphill battle in accepting myself and realizing my self-worth was... well. It was hard--it still is. This game captured every aspect of that.

I love it.

This game is minimalist in many ways--the aesthetic, mechanics, and the storytelling--and yet it still captured my attention (and shattered my heart...)! This is a very well-made game. I love it!

Very cute and relaxing. There isn't anything that I don't like about this game.

Very nicely done! I don't usually play survival of the element games, but this one drew me in from the get-go. I particularly love the knitted scarf health/warmth bar. Definitely wish there was more, but only because I want to keep playing and exploring!