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Absolutley amazing game idea! One note, however, is that I wish there was a save feature. I was pretty far in the game and decided to go to bed. I woke up next morning excited to continue, but it had restarted! Please add a save feature, thank you!

Shoot em up + Lumpy Touch = New Favorite Game

What are the controls?

It doesn't load on the app.

I worked on the third part of the puzzle in room 14 for 4 hours, gave up, looked at a walkthrough, and still didn't get the answer! How do you do it?!? Please, I loe this game and I want to play more!


I've looked everywhere twice and then some, but an't find the last trophy I need! Is it possible you could give a small hint or release a walkthrough? Thank you in advance!

Just finised playing, and this has to be one of my favorites!

Great metroidvania, but when I gave the small egg man 6 eggs, I got the item as normal. I talked to him again immedatey after getting the item, and it said I had all 9 eggs, even though I didn't. Please fix this!

I really was looking forward to playing this, but the page says no compatible files for the game exist. No windows files, nothing! Please look into this, as I was hoping to try this out today. Thank you!

I have no words to describe my current emotional state, but I have to say something. This game is one of, if not, the best game I have played in my entire life. The roance, comedy, suspense, plot twists, art, themes, all of it is beautiful. I am still playing through my first playthrough, but I have laughed out loud many times and burst into tears more than once. I can't say anything else, except "thank you". Really, each character is scarily similar to myself that I relate with every scene and choice. It is as if this was made for me, but that would be selfish, huh? I'm so glad I found this game, and I am so mad at myself for pushing it off for so long. Thank you, Shirokoi, for this wonderful experience I am playing through. I know for a fact I will repeat my playthrough many, many times in the future.


I don't know what I was expecting, but when I recieved the message "Let Go," I understood that this thing was reading my mind like a magazine. I recently went through a death in the family, so the message displayed really impacted me in a way I can't begin to describe. 10/10, Amazing experience. Form 42-B should be in the mail soon.