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Not the sort of noise I'd ever dance to. The only action my feet would be doing is running ... away ... from ;)

Thanks for the walkthru. Honestly, when I got put into the maze, I got hopelessly lost - due to mazes not being my thing for enjoyment, I closed the game and wrote my question because I was quite annoyed that I got put into a genre I typically avoid, but don't get me too wrong; I have and will play more maze-type games in future, just I'm not a fan of first person view types and in dark claustrophobic corridors. I may give the game another go now that you've gone to the trouble of writing a lengthy reply and link to walkthru. :)

Funny that you comment that, at the moment I'm looking at sprite, character creations, plus more - I'm looking to see what it takes to design my own game and how to go about it. I never learnt this stuff at school because back in the 1990's (and just when I left high school), my school was changing from pixel screen to colored.

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oops! I died due to starving myself because I couldn't bring myself to slurping on a bottle of lard :D lol

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Ok, I admit the word "Zine" is all new to me.. just then I looked up the meaning, and, yes, simply a magazine.. but how it's allowed on a gaming site beats the shit outta me

Waiting patiently for more content. I've played all the paths and excited to see where it goes :)

I don't get it - I'm in text based story, then I'm in a maze. Why?

I get the feeling the creator is depressed and wants revenge on the world, thus brings his players down with him ;) Don't play at his level otherwise he'll beat you with experience - play a happier game from a different creator :D


Did I miss something? It's just a 16 page book 

Did someone cast a spell on Bennett?.. his dick has gotten so huge.. but I like it :P I can imagine he'll split someone in half with that if it doesn't just make them cry :D lol

I came for the game, but stayed for the music :) It's like Pink Floyd meets 90's Sunbalm Techno. 

Easy little gem worth playing numerous times to beat your own score :)

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Unplayable for English speaking only people.

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Great little game, have played it numerous times in CDC = ComDotGame, and even cum to this a few times :P Nice raunchy kinky lil' game. Hope you do more like this in future.


*hangs head in shame for downloading this because nothing can be seen - it's just a voice recording of "I'm cuming, jeeeeez!"

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It's been full on sex since Bennett and Tyler had their romp :P My cock is gonna fall off if you make any more raunchy than it already is :D Lmfao.... I nutted 5 times from start to end of the relatively short 4th update :D LOL

Short is right.. too short, but waaaaay too much reading for very little action.
Met guy at the bar, got tired of the amount of reading for a couple of choices , then game ended because I didn't get his number. SHEESH!.. could've at least let the player continue to meet the other guys and loop around until we get a pickup and then make the game end,... but sadly not by Dev's choice. I cannot see myself keeping this game in my hard drive. It's too boring.

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Is the window meant to be only 1/6th the size of my screen?.. because the 'full screen' button doesn't work = greyed out. I can't see jack-diddly-squat at that size  :(

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The end of the game left me feeling disappointed and confused. I got to the end of day 3 and all of sudden without warning I get: THE END - you didn't get to know the truth in time. As it was I scrolled through the long winded dialog with very rapid clickings... the story needs to made tighter without going off course so much. I also rapidly clicked through the story because there's not enough pictures to go with the dribble and drivel. Anyway, why doesn't the game just keep going instead of giving up on the player? The game doesn't allow the player to get everything done in just 3 short days. It's not like I died or something more sinister. Again, I'm very disappointed in the outcome and development of this game. Sorry, two big thumbs down from me. 

Easily this game could be added to the gay section of the comdotgame site - there's quite a few games already there like this one :)

My 4 Star Review :)

!! Extremely short game = 2 minutes tops. 

+ Very nice animation. 

+ Music not annoying. 

- Can't read the subtitles because I'm concentrating on the blue/white/orange rings.

= Hope to see more like this with possibly longer gameplay with shorter more easily read subtitles.

No I don't like it.... I LOVE IT :P ... Keep up the good work :) I don't care if it has flaws at first, it is still better than still pictures; even  though you're doing a brilliant job with them too-and even they have flaws, but because this title is still in development (and possibly commentators haven't commented about the flaws yet), it is still a very worthy game to have numerous faps at :D 

Thank you. I did that within the first minute of playing the game but that didn't work neither, that's why I come to comments section to question. I currently have my sensitivity on 5,.... next time I'll try it on maxx sensitivity :) 

What button do I press to pick up the coconuts? ..I've read all the comments below, and opened every link on the page.. yet, still cannot find the one crucial piece of information that's needed to know how to get some action instead of giving all the time. You should add the button information in the options area of the game.