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Yup. At the moment there's no requirement for feedback, but implementing this change would both benefit devs and their work, and make it easier to identify trolling so you can just ignore the review

If they just write gibberish and they truly had nothing negative to say about a game that they rated negatively, then it was probably trolling

Fun game with potential! The only critique I have is that it'd be more fun if the head didn't follow the mouse so closely. Other than that, stellar job!

Ah, yeah, the leaderboard was pretty shoehorned in, I wanted to make it look better but unfortunately I joined the jam late

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The game definitely has a lot of potential -- it's adrenaline inducing and would be a lot more fun if the kill-you-juice didn't rise so fast. I couldn't even get to the first jump because it was on me within seconds. Assuming that you're simply increasing the kill-you-juice's position in the code, this could be related to computer performance -- using "delta" in your code is very important when doing things like this, as without it your game will play completely differently on different computers. On fast comptuers, lines of code run more often, so on a fast computer the kill-you-juice will rise much faster than on a slower computer. Other than that, good game! I loved the aesthetic and the potential is definitely there. Since my only problem with the gameplay stems from the differences in our computers rather than an actual problem with the game, I'll be sure to give it the high rating it deserves. Even if I didn't get far at all, what was there was fun and I kept trying even when I was fairly certain it was impossible just because I wanted to experience the game. Stellar job!!

Very original take on the theme! I liked the aesthetic as well. Stellar job!

Thank you so much dude! I worked really hard to make the game look good, and it means a lot to hear that my efforts paid off

Thank you! And yeah, since the jam mentioned liking mobile games I figured I should try and make one

Thank you! :)

Thank you, and good luck!!

It was designed to be one! The jam said that they prefer games that could be made into mobile games easily, so I figured I'd lean into it

Thank you!!

Thank you for making such a good game!

"I love being a beyblade" is not a sentence I ever though I'd write, yet here we are. Loved your game, the main mechanic was super interesting (as was the sword-growing mechanic, but I feel the beyblade method of attacking was the highlight here) and it's just good, simple fun. The armored enemies clanging your sword and forcing it to go the opposite direction is such a neat little detail that can completely change gameplay and prevents the player from just swinging the sword haphazardly. Stellar job, five stars all around!!!

This is a very, very interesting take on the theme. I like that the color determines what score-numbers you can absorb, and that you can't absorb letters. It's a really unique and well-executed concept. Five stars all around, stellar job!!!

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I like how your mechanic incorporates the theme -- rather than the player absorbing things, the player's shield absorbs incoming obstacles. The only thing I'd recommend is to have an option for aiming the shield at the mouse. I really dig it, stellar job!!!

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Lovely game! Your take on the theme is very interesting, and it isn't an avenue of thought I had gone down on brainstorming. So far, it's definitely the most original idea I've seen! It's a little hard to guess how far you'll go at first, but eventually you get a hang for it (though I still suck at the game lol). I really liked the aesthetic, and this game is overall just well-made! Stellar job!!!

Heads up -- I am about to clear the scores. I have just implemented player naming! Will update soon.

Thank you for the compliment! The controls do seem to be something you have to get used to, I wish I had others playtest the game more before I released. I'll be sure to keep it in mind for the next time I make a game!

If I get a bad review, I'd really like to know why it is I'm getting that review so that I can improve my game, or at the very least make sure I make a better game next time. A negative review with nothing to say just isn't helpful at all. Moreover, if users can leave blank negative reviews, it makes it hard to distinguish an actual negative review from trolling. Adding this feature would make it so that developers can get actual feedback on their game when a user leaves a negative review, and helps to distinguish actual negative reviews from trolling. 

Obviously, there's some issues here -- requiring users to comment would take away the anonymity that allows them to leave a negative review in the first place. A solution to this is to allow users to make a comment private, so that only the developer can see it. 

Is it okay if I show an end screen that shows the player's score, high score, user, and rank instead of a full leaderboard, like this?

The rules say that the top 3 games are required to use LootLocker. I use Godot, which unfortunately LootLocker has no SDK for, and I don't have enough experience with APIs to easily integrate LootLocker within the next two days. If a game that doesn't use LootLocker gets 1st place, will it be given time to integrate LootLocker, or will the dev-chosen winner just be the highest-placing game that uses LootLocker?

that's exactly what it is lol

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I may come back to it some day, but for now I'd like to finish other projects

I'll be honest and say I was surprised to get a comment on this little game I made forever ago, thank you for commenting :)

That's odd, it does have music. Did it have sounds for you? Or did those not play either? 

Thank you for the compliments! You can use dice as they fall, it'll use whichever face the die had when you landed on it, until it lands or you use up its pips.

Really fun, cute game. The concept is really interesting, where the number of pips you roll directly effects the game world. The presentation is amazing, and the game is fun! It even gives a handicap for those who are particularly unlucky. Wonderful work!!!

The game looks and plays very well! It's a really neat, well-polished clicker game. I like how the die gains more faces over time, though it would be nice to have a feature that showed the player the exact amount

Looks amazing, plays amazing, is amazing! This game was a fun time, I like that the dice act as currency -- I hadn't seen that before playing this game. 

Thanks for the compliment! We haven't discussed whether or not we want to develop it further yet

This game is really, really fun. The art is lovely and the music is catchy. The levels are really well designed and platforming just feels good! I really hope you plan on expanding this game after the jam. Five stars all around!

Really creative concept, really well-executed, and amazing presentation! I loved how many forms the dice could take. Playing it really has you thinking about which dice you want to transform and which do don't. Stellar job!! Five stars all around!

This game is absolutely incredible. The concept is really unique and unexpected, and the game is all the better for it. BadPiggy does a great job of expanding the concept with the bullet-eye-things that add a whole new flavor to the game. Really good job, dude! Five stars all around!

This game is really well-executed and polished. A map of the die would have been nice so I'd know which side is which, though that isn't a big deal because you get the hang of it eventually, but otherwise, it's a really good game with interesting puzzles! Stellar job!!

This game has a really interesting concept, and it's executed to perfection. It demands the player remember how dice are shaped on the fly, which can be tough, but it's definitely doable. The game is really fun!! And the presentation is great! Five stars all around!

Really fun game! I've seen a few puzzle games where the purpose was to get a certain number of pips when you reach the end space, but your game has no end space, which offers the player much more freedom and the level design benefits greatly from your decision. Solving levels is no longer answering the question, "How do the devs want me to do this?" but instead answering the question, "How do I want to do this?" 

Devs, you've done an absolutely incredible job. Five stars all around!!

I'll be honest and say I was expecting a concept that I had seen tried and true throughout the jam -- get a certain number of pips on the top of your die when you reach the end of the level. 

I was, very pleasantly, surprised. 

This game features a really unique concept that the devs executed spectacularly and the concept is well-used in the levels, and the level design works to explain the concept early on (I wouldn't have realized that the dash was based on the number of pips at the top of the die if not for the 3rd level, which does an amazing job of showing, not telling). Stellar job!!!

I really liked this game!! The presentation is amazing, and the concept is unique and well-executed. Took me a minute to realize I could move more than one square though, lol. Regardless, the game is really good, just like last year's! Stellar job!!!

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Love the cutesy artstyle, and the game is really fun! I've seen a few mix-and-match playstyle games now, but this one is by far my favorite. I loved seeing what new spells I got whenever I rolled the dice, and you did a great job of expanding on the concept by having each element do a unique thing! Stellar job!!! Five stars all around!