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The theme will be revealed at the beginning of the jam

Strictly, we can't police this, but we encourage starting from scratch in the spirit of the jam. So long as the majority of the game is made during the jam, you'll be fine.

How so?

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Wanna join the Boss Rush Jam Discord server? You can chat, find teams, and more!

Join here!

Thank you!!

Thank you!

I noticed the acquisition email, right as I was emptying my spam folder.

Any way I can get in contact?

My bad, fixed!

Done! Thanks for the tip!

Yes, feel free to use it as you please! Credit isn't required, but I'd prefer if you didn't pass it off as your own art.

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Sure, is the page enough or would you like me to add it to the zip as well?

For now I've added it to the page but if it needs to be added to the zip as well, let me know and I'll get right on it.

Forgot to mention, but I also nerfed cannons! Sorry not sorry!

Thank you so much for the fonts! They are a LIFECHANGER!!!

Thanks for playing, hope you enjoyed!

Sorry :(

You're the second person to have this happen, I have no idea what's going on... I think it may have to do with the ShaderBufferArray, but if that is the cause then I'm not sure how to solve the problem as Godot 4.0 requires the shader buffer array.

Groblin Survivors is a tower defense horde survival bullet hell roguelite where you play a little groblin who must build defenses to fend off the waves of baddies making their way to slay Your Groblinness!! Feel free to check it out here:

For now, it's a free version of a full game I'm working on -- I want to get feedback so I can improve and refine the game before adding new content!

Yup, doing my best to optimize the game rn! Tough as I'm currently packing up for college but it'll be done eventually


Yup! Went public earlier today


Thank you!! :)

Fun game and the presentation is AMAZING

Hilarious concept, super fun!

SUPER amazing entry, five stars all around!

The game looks great and its premise is very creative!

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Fun game! The team I was in did a similar concept, but we both ended up going about it in different ways. I think this is a really solid entry!

The level design was creative and I loved the art style, it reminded me of Untitled Goose Game. The only negative thing I have to say is that the game is pretty short, so the level design doesn't have enough time to really spread its wings, but even then what is there is very enjoyable. I'd love to play this again if its worked on more!

yoo pig

thanks for the compliments!!

Thank you!

Yeah, the game is definitely easier played with WASD+J or Arrows+X -- we forgot to make that clear in-game, but we did put it in the description

Thank you so much for the compliments!

Yes, the continuing-during-time-stop is a bug, unfortunately a bug. The jam's only 2 days so unfortunately we couldn't catch every single bug

Hilarious premise, love it!!

this is so flattering, thank you so much!!

also that is an AMAZING drawing!!!

Thank you for the compliments!

As for the way we met the theme -- you "reverse roles" with the entities you swap with

This game is super well-polished and well-made, good job!

Super fun and creative, and it looks super cute!

Super fun with lots of speedrunning potential! I loved playing Labyrinth as a kid so this brought back plenty of memories

Super fun, a bit hard in the beginning but once you get into it it's a really fun arcade game!

Yeah, X is better used with arrows while J is better used with WASD

This is a super interesting take on the theme, loved adding stuff to the levels

Super fun and the presentation and juice are absolutely stunning!!!

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This game was super fun, I had a lot of fun just constructing stuff for the heck of it

I don't know if there's any real strategy or anything but overall it was a very fun experience

Also A+ intro lol