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I bought this game a while ago from a bundle and was wondering if its only chapter 1 or will be the full game?

all right thanks, I'll have to look into that then.

Does this game have controller support?

that's interesting. Glad I didn't wait the 2 hours though. 

Can you wait the 2 hours to cook the lasagna?

I didn't realize that. Gonna have to give the game a go as I thought it wasn't out.

I got this from Racial Justice and Equality bundle and was wondering if itll be the full game when it releases.

Has anybody played this on the steam deck? I was wondering how it plays on that and how itch games work on thr deck.


No problem. Im very much enjoying what im seeing so far.

How do I use a ps4 controller?

That would explain my problem. I was trying to use a ps4 controller.

I can't get a controller to work for this game.

Carly does not hate fruit, please watch the show.

What if I'm already unzipped? 

Doug and Carrie.

You have disappointed me.

Baked beans save me.

The game won't load for me.

How do I play this game?

Has great potential, but would like to see more. I really would like to see Kokichi fuck that tuba.

Is there an options menu in the game? I'd like to be able to rebind my controls or try to use other controllers besides an Xbox Controller.

Is there a way to play this game in full screen?

I was wondering if this was the first episode of the game or if this is the full game with only 1 episode being out.

Windows 7 PC. 

It's just a black screen for me. I was so excited to play this for Saint Patricks day.

Is this related to the food Texmex?

Enjoyed the game, however I would like to see the correct answers for question I got wrong, and European Countries guessing game didn't work.

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Can't start the game. unityplayer.dll is missing.

Thanks. It's pretty interesting so far.

I can't seem to save images in this game. It just makes an error come up.

Where can I find the soundtrack to the game?

I downloaded this game a few days ago but when I tried playing it, it didn't work. I deleted it and wanted to try downloading it again hoping to fix the problem but I'm now unable to redownload the game because I can't find it in the library. I'm also gay if that matters.

How do I phone? By the way I'm gay if that matters.

Where can I get the soundtrack? There's some funky stuff.

Is there a way to load your save?

Great game. Really liked the gameplay and was pretty funny and challenging. I'm also gay if that matters.