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Mostly a lot of Visu Stella

I am running into issues with this plugin again. It seems to disable skills randomly. I have tried placing it in different orders within my plugins, but to no avail.

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It only works for 1 class, and I have no idea why. I have triple checked all the normal things. Also I have tried several different arrangements in the plugin menu, to no avail ;-;

I.e. skills only work for 1 class.

Hey, I am running into issues with this plugin. When I try to use them together, most of my skills become unusable. Is there a solution to this?

Like you can equip skills, but the order they appear depends on the order they appear in the database. I want to be able to switch that order up in-game, or maybe via notetags within the database. Idk.

So... I am by no means in a hurry, but have you thought about adding a feature to this plugin that would allow you to reorder the skills? I would be willing to pay personally for this feature to be added, if you need an extra incentive.

Hey, I am loving the plugin. One of the new updates made me able to make one of my game's main mechanics work perfectly.

ok, thank you 🙂

I bought this and it's great. However, would it be possible to make it so that the "Max Skills" notetag can apply to classes? I want to do a class change system where each of the classes has a different number of equippable skills.

Speaking of, could you make it so that the "always on" skills bypass the equip system through a notetag instead of via a skill type?

Wow, I have been wanting this forever.

Ok, thanks!

How do I install these?