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It's really heartbreaking to see these hearts despawn.

Way better balance.

Great recipe to live a long and healthy farmer life: collect lots of helis running circles. A single jar or some time will make them all go away... fast.

Doing this a little bit too often will crash the entire game. 

I 馃尰 this game.

Thanks a lot, that is really really amazing. The tanks are dangerous with good aiming skill. Best to avoid. The helicopters not so much. No cheat is currently needed: You stay directly under them or simply dont move at all. They never hit me and only hit each other in the air. The more the better for me. After a while I avoid the jars completly to collect more of them. They do all the firework themselves and let the lives rain on me... :)

They move like stupid air planes, maybe they should hover, strafe, stop or move even backwards and act like real helicopters. Maybe I am asking too much... Currently the only limit is my computer performance. After a while the flood of moving objects is limiting the frames to near zero. So many lives raining from the sky, you can ignore the tanks and diying is nearly impossible.

鉂わ笍 Thank you!

Thanks mate, it's getting tougher. But tanks appear as twins or triples now or they appear outside the map. Can't you make them invincible until they safely reached the playing field?

It's like a parallel universe I end up with a tankfree playing field with really lots of sunflowers everywhere. :)

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Your game is really addicting. Time to share some protips. :)

#1 As mentioned below already you can double your speed by using your right and left hand simultanously, e.g. pressing 'w' and 'cursor up' at the same time will double your speed. 

#2 The same with steering. You can draw nice doughnuts ('d' + 'cursor right' for the small ones, add 'w' or 'up' for a bigger one).

#3 If you tow a tank it will block protect your six from enemy shots. The bullet deflects and stays on the map (#15). Try to redirect the incoming bullet towards an active tank as a pro gamer move... ;)

#4 As a daredevil driver you can literally run circles around the shooting tanks until they run out of fuel. Watch the turning direction of their gun barrel and move opposite.

#5 You can make the tank shoot each others to gain lives by outmaneuver them.

#6 If you push a tank really fast from behind it will align its barrel in the direction you are pushing. The tank will fire from time to time.

#7 If you push a tank really really fast (button up+w (+Nemiroff)) the tank can overtake it's own bullet, eat it and die. :)

#8 There are always around four active tanks on the map. If not they are blocking each other somewhere outside the map. You need to visit this entrance and clean it up manually (see #9).

#9 The southern (or bottom) entrance is very often jammed (bugged?). Only some new tanks will show up from here, but they will queue up anyways. If you pass near that entrance watch out: you can be magically hit by a hidden tank. So from time to time visit directly the road from that entrance in order to unblock the queue. The hidden tanks will shot himself or anything blocking the way but not you. Think about it like flushing a toilet to regain your four active tanks on the map.

#10 Sometimes red hearts or tanks without fuel end up just outside of the gaming area and you can't reach them by some inches. Try to speed up really really fast (see #7) and bump into the border next to the item to catch them nevertheless. For difficult towing operations running backwards ('cursor down' + 's' + Nemiroff) is the prefered direction of course. Dont try this with a tank in tow...

#11 You can steal lots of tanks by playing very cautiously. Hide yourself, collect, hide, collect. Think of a collector. 25 is my personal high score, but more is possible with some more patience. 

#12 You can play as a tank hunter. Make them shoot each other and push them until they run out of fuel. How many lives can you have? Anyone over 10 yet?

#13 Or simply do 'the bear jew' or 'alligator death roll' by towing one of their tanks and make the doughnut next to an active tank: Clubbing them to death. With a good timing you can speed up, turn (double #2), and speed up again to make perfect use of the spring kinetics to hit em up. It takes some practices but you'll soon get a kick out of it. Before rolling try to push them off balance so they have to rearrange their aiming.

#14 Dont forget to flush the entrances (#9) when you are proactive hunting tanks. If there is a new tank arriving give him time to safely reach the playing field by moving to another part of the map. Blocked tanks outside the map can ruin your high score and playing experience. Almost fixed (3/20).

#15 Watch out for lost bullets. These white rounds end up in the corners or at the borders of the gaming area. If you run over them you'll lose a life. If you push a tank into it, it will explode. If you run over them on foot you will immediatly respawn somewhere else on the field.

#16 Start the game and walk away from your keyboard. Ten minutes later you can safely harvest lots of lots of tanks everywhere on the map. Base camping results in death now (3/20).

#17 After successfully running home you can move as a ghost for some seconds...

#18 Active playing videos in the comments will slow down the game for everyone.  

Using these hints you all will level up your game and be ready for any tanks invading your farm. Make them regret and leave!

Slava Ukraini!