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Great game! I love the 3d pixel art style. I think the enemies and the player's ship could use a little more contrast against the background. I also had an issue where the directional arrows rotated in a weird way, and didn't properly point the direction I was going. Still very well done! The boss monster was cool, giant worms are always fun!


Cute game, and obviously well built. Unfortunately I'm neither British nor am I knowledgeable about celebrities/tabloids so I think a lot of the humor is lost on me. Very creative though!

Great game, very satisfying to squish

Fantastic game, great use of the theme. Only missing sound effects :)

Just played it! I love your take on it. Very well done! Cool to see such a similar mechanic. Would also love to see the code for your clones/movement tracking, I wonder how different our approaches were

Thank you for the very eloquent review :D The lack of interesting puzzle mechanics is my biggest regret with the game

Thank you! The tutorial stage is definitely lacking. I had a lot of difficulty explaining how the game works inside the game, which is obviously a flaw on my part

Check the right side of level 3 ;)

Cute game, feels very polished. Unfortunately it's impossible to beat unless there are 10 tiles within jumping range of the "End" tile, and if there are 10 tiles within the range, it's easily beat. 

Thank you for trying the game! Here's a gif of me playing through the second level. Hope this helps explain how it works


Thank you! The level design is definitely one of the weakest areas. Most of the level design effort went into the tutorial level, the rest were hurriedly put together shortly before uploading.