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Of Far Different Nature

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Cool, thanks! I do not find any time to play anything atm... So, it will be fine. Good luck with your game ✊🏻

Hi! You can do what you consider fair. If the credits are fairly visible, then a single credit will be fine.

It's ogg. Mp3s do not loop properly. Only wav and ogg files do.

Thanks for sharing, and glad you like the music! 🙂

Glad you like them 😊 Your game looks cool, I like your art style!

The SFX and music blend surprisingly well 😄👍

Thank you! I think you have comments deactivated on your game page, so I'll reply here. I really like the idea of your Crazy Retro Lander, could be great on smartphone. I think most important would be to give the game a more dynamic visual appearance, in contrast to the calm and relaxing player actions. Like, add particle effects to all objects, make the camera zoom in a little and make it follow the player, make the background animated with either multiple parallax layers (like many SNES games do) or use a pre-rendered video loop. And the sprites might need some polish 🙂 Maybe either go more realistic, or more stylized, or more pixel-like, but rather not in between. A friend here on makes some nice space assets, he might have something for you. So, I hope you can make use of that, and hope it wasn't too much 🙂 Keep us updated!

Happy to hear that 🙂 Cool Asteroids remake! I used to play some Asteroids clone a lot years ago.

Glad you like them! Your game looks promising, keep it up ✊

Cool, keep us updated! 🙂


Thank you too!

Thanks for your extended critique! It's tight line between over-adapting to what people want to hear (say, on Spotify) and what you want to hear yourself as creator / what you actually want to create. It comes down to serving the masses vs. targeting a specialist niche. Both are dissatisfying in their own way, lol. It's either deviating from your actual personal way of expression or generating low success in terms of click count. Anyway, your words are helpful, thank you. I'm glad you've listened to the new ones also and that you like a couple of them! I will release them as singles on Spotify over the next year piece by piece when they're ready.

Thanks Hole! 🙂

Thanks for the music feature! Excited to see the game progress.

Oh, cool, I loved Megaman

😂😂 Nice take on the theme!

Thank you! Well, I do some googling regularly.. That's how I found your game. Sharing music for free is like throwing a message in a bottle into the sea.. It's fun to see where it pops up :)

Hey RailKill, thanks for featuring my music. Great game, unique core mechanism and impressive depth for 48h!