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Crab city is roughly 90% crab, and happens 1% of the time.

Regular locations are about 1% crab.

Hi! I probably should add a crafting guide somewhere, but in the meantime you can find several pinned on the Discord.

If you stay on lazer rifle you don't get any points though. You only get points for changing weapons.


There's no save mechanism in this version - I like to think of it like building a sandcastle. Lots of people post screenshots of their builds in the Discord though, which is a nice way to keep and share the design.

Also, if you look on Steam you'll find Captain Forever Trilogy, and in the news pages you'll see instructions for playing the Captain Forever Universe beta. You can save progress in Captain Forever Universe.

That's so weird - thanks for letting me know! I wonder why it does that. Maybe because people were distributing discord-hacking malware on itch a while ago.

Anyway, if you open the Discord link works from there.

I love it!

craftlofer posted a video of this in the discord, complete with flashing tree lights, if you want to have another look at it.


You can grab several Captain Forever games packaged together on Steam as Captain Forever Trilogy:


Hey, I'm glad you like it! I'm currently deliberately growing the game slowly, so that when I do release it on large portals and all the people flood in the game is in a state where they're even more likely to stick around. Even so, there's often a few people on, usually capping out at 4-5 simultaneous players each day. The numbers are growing week on week, so if this momentum holds you'll see even more people soon.

If you'd like the game to grow and for more people to play, would you consider either changing the title of your post or deleting it? If the first thing people see is a post saying the game is inactive they're much less likely to play themselves, which only exacerbates the problem.

I really loved the level cycling mechanic. So good!

Beautiful, short (in a good way), fun.

Hi! You're probably seeing either Disc Room (lots of sawblades) or Super Crate Box (platforming, no jetpack). They're both games by JW, a fantastic game designer.

This game (Super Disc Box) is just a little thing I made for the Disc Room game jam. I thought it'd be fun to smoosh the two games together.

That's okay though - you don't get points for killing them, only for collecting crates. So it's a nice opportunity to clear out the level but it won't win you the game.

Looks good to me :P

It's on the pico-8 BBS, so you could grab the original pico8 source that way in order to mess with it. Diving straight into the js transpiler output would not be much fun.

Oh my! I don't suppose you're recording these?


Excellent :P

Oh dear. Well, at least the game is free :)

Thanks! It certainly helped that Super Crate Box (from which I borrowed a lot) already existed :)

Cheers! I wasn't sure if that would annoy people or not :)

No idea sorry - I don't have one to test with. Maybe!

You can!

I'm not sure which controllers pico8 supports out of the box, but I've been using an Xbox One gamepad and I imagine a 360 gamepad would almost certainly work too. Other common controllers are probably supported but I can't say for sure.

Oh hey thanks, that's super helpful!

Ah, thanks, yeah, that's probably related to Apple's new requirement that every developer pays them a fee to sign their app. I'm... not going to do that for a free game :)

Instead of downloading the game though, can you just hit the play button on this page and play the game in your browser?

Ah damn. Sorry, I don't have a mac to test it on. Can you play the web builds?

There's no leaderboards, but the current high scores I'm aware of are:

Open Division: 97 - Minecraft27Xbox

Jr Division (10 and under): 15 - Farbs Jr

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Cheers! And thanks for the suggestion. I'll figure out the HTML export stuff today.

EDIT: In the meantime, there's a web build on the PICO-8 BBS here

ANOTHER EDIT: Done! You can now play right here. Thanks again for the suggestion.