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Beautiful, short (in a good way), fun.

Hi! You're probably seeing either Disc Room (lots of sawblades) or Super Crate Box (platforming, no jetpack). They're both games by JW, a fantastic game designer.

This game (Super Disc Box) is just a little thing I made for the Disc Room game jam. I thought it'd be fun to smoosh the two games together.

That's okay though - you don't get points for killing them, only for collecting crates. So it's a nice opportunity to clear out the level but it won't win you the game.

Looks good to me :P

It's on the pico-8 BBS, so you could grab the original pico8 source that way in order to mess with it. Diving straight into the js transpiler output would not be much fun.

Oh my! I don't suppose you're recording these?


Excellent :P

Oh dear. Well, at least the game is free :)

Thanks! It certainly helped that Super Crate Box (from which I borrowed a lot) already existed :)

Cheers! I wasn't sure if that would annoy people or not :)

No idea sorry - I don't have one to test with. Maybe!

You can!

I'm not sure which controllers pico8 supports out of the box, but I've been using an Xbox One gamepad and I imagine a 360 gamepad would almost certainly work too. Other common controllers are probably supported but I can't say for sure.

Oh hey thanks, that's super helpful!

Ah, thanks, yeah, that's probably related to Apple's new requirement that every developer pays them a fee to sign their app. I'm... not going to do that for a free game :)

Instead of downloading the game though, can you just hit the play button on this page and play the game in your browser?

Ah damn. Sorry, I don't have a mac to test it on. Can you play the web builds?

There's no leaderboards, but the current high scores I'm aware of are:

Open Division: 97 - Minecraft27Xbox

Jr Division (10 and under): 15 - Farbs Jr

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Cheers! And thanks for the suggestion. I'll figure out the HTML export stuff today.

EDIT: In the meantime, there's a web build on the PICO-8 BBS here

ANOTHER EDIT: Done! You can now play right here. Thanks again for the suggestion.