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I'm one of your early adopters from Github. This is such an excellent tool. :)

The free version is working fine for me and does everything I want from a dungeon generator, but I bought this asset here only to support your awesome work. :)

Am excited to see what else you add to this, so am also reserving my seat for the full version :)

 Thank you for continuously improving it :)

Love the gun animation attack xD

Excellent work.  :)

Love all of your asset packs. And this character generator is something else <3.

Can you please make a similar one for v2 of your dungeon tileset as well :)

great little game. Showing the developer and his reactions is a great idea. I continued playing only to see his reactions inspite of failing many times :)

Thanks my dude :)

Dude, I just LOVE the ending. Is this an original idea? I would like to add this as one of the endings to my game? May I borrow this idea? :)

Great work. Thank you. :)

The walk and jump animation sprite sheets are not aligned, the jump spritesheet starts a 1.0f unit below the walk animation spritesheet. I managed to fix this in code, but just thought I'd mention :)