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Far Away Times

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This was really spooky and well-done, thanks for making and sharing this!

The story about two friends struggling with their new responsibilities is warm and touching, and the setting texture and art are both drop-dead gorgeous. Thanks for making and sharing this!

This was super-lovely! Poking around the town and the party was so nice and rewarding, and the overall story was really touching.

Absolutely stunning texture and sense-of-place.

So unbelievably cute and sweet and good, thank you so much for making this <3 There's a whole lot to love in here but one non-spoilery thing I adore is reading a love story that starts with getting laid and then progresses from there, that feels a lot more true to my lived experiences than romances where sex is the endgame climax everything hinges on.

The whole style is super-cute, I really enjoyed this. I'd even say... it's a HOPPING good time!!

This was cute and good and I really enjoyed exploring for all the endings <3

Very excellent sword fights and delicious tension, this is a GOOD read.

This is really cool!! Extremely nice to see folks sharing unapologetically arcadey action games on itch, keeping the dream alive.

Thanks for this, friend <3


That was dope as hell!! Just a good punchy set of battles that explore some very good player verbs. I love how these games explore super-specialized character roles, I think that adds a lot to the rpg combat experience. 

Absolutely buck-wild action setpieces, a joy to play from start to finish, and rewarding to engage with closely through challenge runs and the like. This is the most fun I've had with an action game this year. 

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I dug this a lot! The bosses and bullets here seem to base their behavior more on player positioning in this one, which means you have to be more careful about where you stand relative to the boss and the bullets. It's cool and thoughtful, I had a good time puzzling out the fights.

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This was really really touching and resonant. Thanks a whole lot for making and sharing this.

The borrowed art and lore from FFLegend made for such a cool effect, it really felt like this quiet, achingly romantic side story happening off to the side of some unseen grand rpg adventure. Thanks for making and sharing it <3

The ending was super-sweet <3

Extremely good and nice!!! Really captures the warm fuzzy feelings of a blossoming relationship 

This was sweet and nice, thank you for sharing <3 (I like how you set up the tutorial arrows early on and then played with them in a bunch of cute ways.)

This is cool!! I can't think of another bitsy that plays with lethal end-states like this, it's a legit tense horror setpiece!

Nice little vent-game, thanks for making and sharing it!

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That was really good! Great control of tone and the puzzles kept me paying attention and engaged as I poked around, I felt consistently rewarded for being observant!

This is a really cool platformer vocabulary, the movement feels super-good and the enemy design is rad too!

Extremely cute and good!!

Completely loved this, just a really great world to explore. The pacing and the storytelling are both super-on-point, and I love how it's a totally different kind of game from Remnants!

It also means activating the save points takes a little extra thought/time, so if you're going for a speedy playthrough you have an incentive to skip some or all of the save points. I think that trade-off is interesting!

This is a really satisfying short platformer challenge, I had a ton of fun learning it!

This is a nice short space game with some really cool Asteroids-style movement, I think it could make a fun speed game! Give it a look!

This game is a blast, if you're at all a fan of tense turn-based combat and experimental rpgmaker experiences please give it a play! It strikes this excellent balance where I've never played anything quite like it and yet it still feels genuinely epic and super-well-crafted.

I really really love this!! Such a cute clever twist on sokoban rules, I'm having a blast with it.

It took a few tries but I managed to survive!!

I really adored this! Super-funny writing, a great sense of style, and snappy fun bosses. 

I love this! It took me a bit to get my bearings but once I did I realized the game's a really fun speedrun platformer with smart thoughtful level design. Cleared on Face mode, excited to dig into it further. 

I really enjoyed this game!! It's a super-satisfying little challenge, and the final escape sequence is VERY tense and effective. I love the level design in the dark area, when I started I thought I had to make blind jumps into areas with spikes, but playing it thoughtfully I realized I could make my way to the bottom safely without guessing. 

Great job, this is a really complete-feeling package especially for something originally made in a jam timeline!

Extremely good and full of powerful energies

This was extremely funny and cute, thanks for makin' it!!

Thom... this is very cute

This rules!! I haven't played a good new score attack game in a while, this is delightful.

Revisited this for the first time in years, it's still super-affecting.

This was super-cute!! I love the verticality and all the big creatures made of multiple detailed objects.