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Far Away Times

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I totally loved this!! Super-smooth play experience, finished in about a half-hour. The pacing and world structure is really smart, and I love all the little extra  touches sprinkled throughout (like how the coin collection sound alternates between four distinct notes, so when you get a bunch of 'em it makes a little song).

The whole thing gives me nice Ufouria feelings. Thanks so much for making and sharing it!

I helped the Loveland Frog!!

Completely loved this game and really connected with the story, thanks so much for makin' it!!

This was a cute and nice little journey, thanks for making and sharing it!

I was able to save after creating a www/save/ directory in the game's folder. That also addressed the error that popped up when I tried to go into full screen mode:

The action set-pieces work great, I cared about the characters, and the ending's perfect. I really loved this story. 

The texture is so good *_* 

I adore these games so much, thank you for making them!!

This was lovely and full of really good imagery!

The perspective in this is delicious, I love the clouds.

Oh man you absolutely got me at the end, kudos. Very good and nice story.

I loved this game and cried a bit at the end, two thumbs up

Oooooo I totally adored this

Still thinking about this story every now and then months later, thanks so much for making it!

This is really cool and lovely! Super-impressive technically, especially considering the jam time constraint.

I really enjoyed this! Level 24's my favorite, I wound up diagramming it out on pencil and paper so I could work out what step I was missing. The game has lots of moments like that where I had to think critically to figure out the answer, it's super-satisfying.

I enjoyed this a lot! Got stuck on what I think was the third song, the mood and the careful tiling are super-smart and expressive.

I totally loved this, thanks so much for making it! I beat the extra boss ๐Ÿ˜Ž 

I really enjoyed this! Lots of good visual storytelling and I loved the movement.

I totally adored this, thanks so much for making it!!

I super-loved this!! It reminds me a lot of Porpentine's text games like Howling Dogs and With Those We Love Alive; it really nails that feeling of oppression and longing and complex catharsis. Thanks so much to both of you for making this.

I really enjoyed this! I had a nice time exploring the different locations. The writing's funny and on-point and the puzzle-y moments are clever. Good job!

Cute, the music choice was really funny. Got 10 after a few tries!

I liked this a whole lot! Really glad I kept replaying it and trying different paths.

This was surprisingly resonant, good job!!