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Far Away Times

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This worked perfectly and unlike the other changes I was trying it doesn't break on mobile, thank you so so so so much! Yeah I try to be very minimal and specific with my CSS changes to avoid introducing those sorts of issues, thanks a ton for adding such an easy fix for users like me!

Is it possible to center the bottom game using custom CSS? Or force it back to the old flex display on just my page? I got access to the custom CSS option several years ago because I'm really particular about how my games display on my page; I'd really like to be able to center the bottom game if possible.

I'm very inexperienced as a GM and as a player in general, but me and my friends still had an absolute blast running a session with this game. Thanks so much for releasing this!

A player left a nicely-written hint for level 8 in the comments over on bonte games! My friend Narf also posted a full playthrough on youtube.

This was an adorable story, I loved the maps and the whole style. The custom lighting added a lot throughout.

This was REALLY cute, lots of nice interactions and moments. Loved the whole style too. Thanks for making and sharing this!

A lot of really gorgeous art here, thanks for sharing this!

This was gorgeous and eerie, thanks for makin' and sharing it!

Makes you feel really intensely the weight of exploring a videogame space, the ending bit knocked the wind out of me.

I love yume nikki to death and I really enjoyed playing through this exploration of a super-personal relationship with the game. It's really well-done and the multimedia html texture is just gorgeous. Thanks for making and sharing this.

Didn't know I needed secret of nimh rpg hell-maze texture feast, thank you for this.

This was a really cute little adventure! I love how the other characters started off feeling useless compared to Ash, but by the end everyone's hit their groove and contributes to the final battle. The whole vaudeville aesthetic felt really unique too, all the handcrafted art is super-lovely.

I love the color palette here. The strong blacks are really striking and both look good AND matter mechanically.

This game is really really fun and lovely!! It's got a nice snappy XP curve, big cool levels to explore, and an adorable style. It's a surprisingly beefy adventure -- I spent a whole evening playing it and unlocking all the gallery pics and endings, and it all capped off with a really satisfying climax. This is my favorite game from this developer yet.

thanks so much for playing!!

The exquisite hubris of holding onto your Smart Boy Bomb™ longer than you should, delicious

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I really adored this map and had a blast learning it. My favorite setpiece is fighting the two arch-viles in the maze of thin pillars, it felt like the climax of a horror movie. I loved the song too and never got tired of looping it.

I posted a playthrough here if anyone's interested!

This was really cute, thanks for making and sharing it!

This was really well done, gorgeous presentation and the sci-fi was super-engrossing.

Thank you for this gift Joey Wamone

I really adored this! It's a super-tense but very fair time-limited dungeon crawl, I absolutely love how every action plays into the timer in different ways. I had a lot of fun mapping out the dungeon, and the climax was exhilarating. 

This game's so preetttttyyyyy, both the art and music is super-duper lovely. I really like the static height jump and the strong horizontal movement on the wall jump, they give it a different feel from other games like this.

Extremely good and powerful

*like seven years later* Tom I still love the bee game so much

As a fan of eating shrimp I deeply enjoyed this

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High score so far is 7869 points! I love the triangle friend.

Edit: 10553 on the post-jam version!

This game's extremely funny and also a really delightful and well-paced action game, give it a look!

Drop-dead gorgeous, feels great to play, and a really cool unique movement language. I had a ton of fun exploring the levels and finding all the doodads!

Well balanced gentle combat, awesome maps, a cute good story; I liked this a whole lot. I love experiencing Big JRPG Feelings in the context of a smaller work. I want to play more games like this.

This was really well done! I can tell you put a ton of effort into balancing the combat; this is the most cohesive and together and Falcom-y the fighting in your games has felt to me yet. That coupled with the beautiful dungeon maps and cute story (with a dope climax twist that affects the combat in a surprising way) and this one left me super-satisfied.

An excellent follow-up, thanks for making and sharing this!

This was a really cool aesthetic and play language, thanks for making and sharing this!

This was really spooky and well-done, thanks for making and sharing this!

The story about two friends struggling with their new responsibilities is warm and touching, and the setting texture and art are both drop-dead gorgeous. Thanks for making and sharing this!

This was super-lovely! Poking around the town and the party was so nice and rewarding, and the overall story was really touching.

Absolutely stunning texture and sense-of-place.

So unbelievably cute and sweet and good, thank you so much for making this <3 There's a whole lot to love in here but one non-spoilery thing I adore is reading a love story that starts with getting laid and then progresses from there, that feels a lot more true to my lived experiences than romances where sex is the endgame climax everything hinges on.

The whole style is super-cute, I really enjoyed this. I'd even say... it's a HOPPING good time!!

This was cute and good and I really enjoyed exploring for all the endings <3

Very excellent sword fights and delicious tension, this is a GOOD read.