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Far Away Times

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fuckin wrecked

good track and imagery to accompany all the roiling anger of the prose

Absolutely exquisite


Really liked the mood in this one, love a good "pov VN char having a meltdown" monologue

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he llo everyyone

yes, good, excellent

Cute!!!!!!! Lovely fangame that does justice to some of my favorite domino characters, thanks for making this.

Really stylish presentation and storytelling in the form of a retro computer hidden object game, nice job!

Very well-done. As an Ancient Gamer that was playing IWBTG in 2007 it makes my heart warm to know the old ways haven't been forgotten.

Adorable and excellent full-featured action rpg in a bite-sized package, can't think of a single thing I'd want to change about it. Y'all really knocked it out of the park with this one. Everyone read the manual too if you haven't, it's really cute and funny!

Extremely good and lovely puzzles... I love mazes so much

These tiles are super-gorgeous, nice job!!!

The writing's fantastic obviously, I also loved how you used map tiles to make little interstitial CGs, felt very ZZT. Really loved this lotus, thank you for making and sharing it.

Found 16/16 slimes! Love the poetry of the different slime descriptions intermingling with the dreams, and the gorgeous thoughtful maps. This was really really lovely nilson.

Cleared! This was really neat. I love the progression of the enemy types and the slow escalation in pattern complexity. By the end it was genuinely pretty thrilling hurling my axe around dense rooms and teleporting everywhere. Nice job!

Cleared on Superhard, 786590 points! Really satisfying, good stages and super-fun boss patterns, enjoyed building my medal loops. Thanks for making this, nice to get a quick two stage blast of good shmup action.

This was really cute! Nice job, love a cute puzzle-y platformer that bends my brain in a new way.


This was really cute and fun to puzzle out! I appreciate how there's a hard platforming path to the exit and also a methodical explore-y path that just requires knowledge. I had fun making a nice l'il map!

I escaped the mine! What a cute set of rules, really enjoyed figuring out the little platforming puzzles.

This was really dope! I was a little frustrated up front when I didn't understand stuff like the break meter or the mist, but as I explored more of the game it slowly answered all of my questions, and the answers were all cool and satisfying. I actually like locking some of the tutorial NPCs behind locked doors -- you get to talk to them before the last dungeon when all that knowledge really matters, and it avoids blasting you with too much tutorial text before you have any context for it. The guard and break stuff is a really cool and different way of thinking about rpg healing.

The last boss was a really hype stakes-raising moment after I felt like I'd more or less mastered the fighting. I know this is a demo, but just as an rpg mechanics/combat gauntlet this is already a really satisfying arc. I think you've got a really strong language here, and whatever story you wanna tell with it has the potential to turn out really cool and special.

This was really cute and sweet, loved the changes in perspective. It's easy for this kind of thing to feel overly saccharine, but the writing is careful and understated in just the right way to feel maximally cozy and nice.

The amount of RPG you consistently squeeze into 2-3 hour run-times is insane. There's character work, lore, lots of bosses including a scary optional fight, an epic final dungeon/climax... not to mention all the jokes and flavor text and smut. Inspiring and delightful as always.

Gyahahaha I ran out the clock, beat the third boss and nothing else spawned. High score of 118 points. Fantastic sound design.

Extremely cute funny nuanced movement, cackled when I did the wall jump in the second level. Got lucky with perfect sales on the last level, I feel good about my final score.

This was so much

This was really well-done, thank you. Love these games that capture a super-specific moment and feeling.

That's the intended end of the game, yes! Thanks for playing and for the thoughtful comment 💖

Extremely excellent chuuni action in a really novel, grounded setting -- loved the romance at the end. Maximilian Sunflower and Judge Sunflower from Make Like a Tree are still obviously the breakout OCs of Gardens of Vextro.

this is so extra and excellent, thank you

My brain's blanking on a good gnome pun so I'm just gonna say this is extremely excellent

Got so much fuckin' dirt vivi is a champion... couldn't have made it without all those special golden vivi bonuses

if there were two guys on the moon and one of them was really small and in a jar and the other one pissed in the jar how would you react

Got the party fairly full of mushrooms... I wonder like, mathematically how long it would probably take to fill the room completely

so thanks for that lucifer

stunning... a worthy addition to the joey wamonone canon.

Cool classic freeware art game, one of my favorite vibes. Technically sound and clear communication (I love the rubble falling from the top of the screen on an effective hop), which lets you be artfully effectively ambiguous with the underlying story. I read it as about an illness as I nabbed the three endings, struggling to grow and consume -- the reading you go over in the bonus pack is really nice though, and complimented mine in a funny way.

This was really sweet, thank you ;_;

A skull you could have a beer with

Really really adored this.  I always have a hold-your-breath "oh god please let the writing be good too" moment starting any visual novel this immediately arrestingly gorgeous art-wise, so I was super-pleased the storytelling and jokes and characters were all so wonderful. Just a great package, thanks for making and sharing this.