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Far Away Times

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Thom... this is very cute

This rules!! I haven't played a good new score attack game in a while, this is delightful.

Revisited this for the first time in years, it's still super-affecting.

This was super-cute!! I love the verticality and all the big creatures made of multiple detailed objects.

I enjoyed this! It's a nice little puzzle box that looks great and feels great to play.

Super-eerie, totally loved the whole vibe.

Kept it alive! I love the tone and ambiance of this game.

This game understands how to use the shape of a classic RPG to tell a lovely personal story with a beating heart. I had a great time with it, I'm glad to have lived in its world for a while.

I totally loved this. Super-pointed story that earns all its tremendous darkness, married to a gorgeous aesthetic and meticulously balanced turn-based battles. Five molotov cocktails hurled at cop cars out of five!!

This was a complete delight, thanks for makin' it! Legit funny and full of good texture and has a really warm nice message, I'm glad I played it patiently and poked at absolutely everything.

This one was romantic *_*

This was very warm and nice and positive and also horny, thanks for makin' it!

This is very cute and nice! I love the perspective.

I love the vibe of this one, the way you change the music after igniting is perfect.

Super-duper-gorgeous. I love the art of course, but also the screen-by-screen static scrolling, the careful map composition, the descent theming. It's just a very nice texture piece, thanks for makin' and sharing it!

I love the voice in this, I feel like you were going for "long-winded recipe blog post preamble" and you totally nailed it.

This was really cute, thanks for making it!

I really enjoyed this! The true end boss was super-cathartic and cool. You don't see shmups playing with storytelling and structure like that very often, I appreciated it.

This was super-cute, thanks for making and sharing it!

The second boss is VERY cool and fun. I appreciate that you clearly put thought into the pacing of the enemy waves, even though it says "procedurally generated" it's not just random and haphazard about it like some games.

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I preservered and saved all the birds... a thankless victory.

I enjoyed this! Contorting my hands was fun and silly in a QWOP sort of way, and it was weirdly empowering finding the later abilities that speed things up.

I caught the bus with nine minutes to spare!

This was a total delight, thanks for making and sharing it. My head hurts thinking of all the scripting that went into this!!

i've been your butt THE WHOLE TIME

This was cute and good, thank you for making and sharing it!

This is a super-cute and thoughtful little puzzle game! Level 7 was the toughest for me, after that I got through the rest of 'em pretty handily. Thanks for making and sharing this!

A beautiful journey I'm extremely glad I went on. Thanks for telling this story y'all <3

This was super-lovely.

This is a super-cute concept executed on nicely, thanks for making and sharing it!

This was super-gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing it!

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Thank you for sharing this story, I really enjoyed it! I think it makes a nice companion piece to Fallen Girl, which I also really liked.

Yesssss managed to beat it in <4 minutes!

This was super-cute and good, thanks for sharing it! I also liked the lack of enemies, it gave off a nice sense that I'd crashed onto a deserted island and needed to scrounge up resources to escape. 

Raagghhhh!! You beat me! And you collected all the jade!

I really loved this. I got major Earthsea vibes, both from the texture of the prose and storytelling and from the warmth and maturity of the theme. Thank you for making this!

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I have reunited with my family!! Thanks for making this, the cute custom intro, game over, and ending screens really help elevate this nice little game.


I won!! The boss at the end was cool, I love how generous it is with different enemy movement patterns.

It looks like the game's been moved here by the way:

God, I totally loved this. Great storytelling and gorgeous art.

This was excellent, thank you!

This was super-good and lovely, thanks!!