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Far Away Times

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1CC get 😎 The Version 2.0 changes are really classy, I like this take a whole lot. I think the changes bring out the best in the story and make the game into something way more folks can enjoy.

Played this game non-stop for a week straight after having it on my wishlist since it got published on itch, just got the true end. Really cannot overstate how good a time I had playing it. I got to it at exactly the right time -- this game's a huge irreverent hilarious sandbox full of great characters, and I haven't always connected with that sort of game. But in the last couple years I've gotten really into tabletop RPGs and old western PC RPGs, and I think that primed me to have an absolute blast with Embric.

I'm really thankful to have finally played it, and to have connected with it as much as I have. As another rpgmaker dev, this is one of the most inspiring games I've played in years.

Very lovely prose and music and presentation, and it's a cool story.

Love the texture and personality of the gun's narration, thanks for writing and sharing this.

Really gratifying to read, I've run into a lot of the same frustrations you listed here. I've only ever thought of making custom engines for action games or rpgs, thanks for getting my gears turning about text games too!

Absolutely loved this. Ten 5-10 minute bitsy/IF games, all sketching out little moments and stories in a fleshed out loved-on setting... ideal videogame form factor. Thank y'all for making these games and inviting me into this world for a little while.

This was really nice. Really love the combination of the gba homebrew texture with bitsy-style art, all in service of exploring a very pretty world and a lovely story. I'm glad you took up gba homebrewing and that you were able to make and share such a cool thing!

I adored the first game, but felt a little sad that Akarsha and Noelle didn't get as much narrative/emotional weight as Diya and Min's story. This follow-up balances things out perfectly -- taken together, I think this is an all-timer visual novel. Love these characters, love the writing and VN direction, love these games so so much. Thanks for making and sharing these stories.

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Was absolutely delighted by this the whole time, extremely glad I returned to it. The movement and exploring is super-delightful and fun throughout. The meta-story is really sweet and cute and nice.

I was overly intimidated starting out based on experiences I've had with other retro-style map-less explore-y games like this. At its core Sylvie Lime is really considered and kind -- once I started making my own map everything snapped together in a flash. Just trust the artists you're conversing with, and you'll have a nice time. Thanks for making this sylvie and aria <3

I played because of the adorable art, got pulled in fully by the excellent writing and mood. I really adored this, excited for the re-release!

It's a great story but also, importantly, vitally: it's hot as hell

I escaped the cave!! good tension and status effect use, I enjoyed this a lot.

Gorgeous art and the smut was really hot. Story was well-done too, thanks for making and sharing this.


I've been fiddling with bitsy lately and all this tiling and perspective work is absolutely blowing my mind, nice job! Cute l'il story too <3

Soaking in grime and mud

"we've gotta be strong now charity"

this was really really really good, thanks so much for writing and sharing this.

Extremely spooky


Boss fight of course came down to "completely out of meat with 3 HP left, barely won". Very tense exit afterwards.

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Absolutely hilarious, loved the pacing and the jokes and the ending's great. The button platforms were a smart and kind addition that didn't compromise the structure. Been a while since I played a kaizo platformer that Gets It, thank you

This was really lovely, thank you.

Really gorgeous presentation, intensely relatable story content

Laughed a LOT when I first pressed F

Enjoyed and related to this a lot, thank you!

Life comes at you fast

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*player musing mysteriously under his breath voice* Hmm, just putting the egg in the nest in the first level of the dream isn't enough. I wonder what it's for? If I bring the egg into the second level and heat it up will that do anything?

This was warm and sweet, thanks for sharing these characters with us!

A very cute and nice dream full of lovely little moments, thanks for sharing!

The shovel is really cute and I liked the ending a lot, nice job!

Getting a massive pile of one color in the center and then eating it... satisfying

Gyahahaha this is cool as hell, nabbed 14 points.

1968! Barely managed to beat Vospi's score, I'm the champion 😎

Ahhh thanks for clarifying! That's helpful to know, I'll take some time and try to reproduce the issue next time I'm getting a Love2D game together. I want to make emscripten less of a black box to me in general since it's the key to porting a lot of engines I'm interested in to browser.

I get this error whenever I try to play in incognito mode in chrome or firefox. It has something to do with Love2D not being able to access IndexedDB/not having necessary cookies. It's been an open bug with Love.js since 2020, and after talking with a smart friend it sounds like it'd be really tricky for them to fix. 

If any of my Love.js games fail to load, please try disabling incognito mode or using another browser. Failing that, the executable versions should still work fine.

Nice job!! Really impressive how well you matched all the theming, and how big a sense of adventure you make with only a few moving parts.

Here's my late submission! Thanks so much for hosting this, gave me an excuse to learn a whole bunch of new skills with Love2D, plus I got to do original music again.

This should be fixed now. Thanks a bunch for the help!

This was really nice, sweet little story about going back to a place with a lot of painful memories and remembering the parts of it that weren't so painful.

1CC with Type-B! Thanks for making this, I had a ton of fun pecking at it over the last few months.

This really really ruled