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I hope they backtrack, but I also think that every dev who is currently using Unity should definitely look to moving away from it if at all possible, because they'll just do something like this again later.

Just a tip - a lot of software won't loop mp3s seamlessly, which is why most other asset makers will provide them as .wav and .ogg (for compressed). If I were to loop these in my video project, I would have to convert them first. Luckily, I just needed a 10-second-ish track for an intertitle. I'll link it once the video is done!

I might be using one of your tracks in a video of a talk given at a small SFF convention last year (has to get approved first!). 

I was wondering how you would prefer to be credited. Usually we would put the actual link to your Bandcamp into the YT description, but not in the video itself. The video end credits would have [Track] by Abstraction, but I can add a line for the weblink if you'd prefer it be included in the video as well. :) 

Sometimes I felt like I wanted a run ability, but otherwise I rather enjoyed the slower pace of walking around. Combat isn't the only way to make "walking back and forth" more active. I could see something like tending plants or interacting with animals along the way, perhaps procedurally generated in a longer game (it might not be worth the coding investment in a 1-2 hour game). When I was in the stage of the game where I was actively looking for hidden items, and planting my seeds, etc, I really didn't notice how much walking about I did. 

Enchanting! I'm enjoying meeting all the beautiful possums. Just a headsup that the image is broken for the secret date.