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Alt that’s a very good point

Ik they are others points but I can’t remember ‘em :/

Alr lets see what meme we could take once to itch

attention spam, waste of time, etc…
basically yea

nvm I still crash 💀

that pumpkin sure is dead

bruh I crashed to the louged out UI

Like it came, my bug went away for no particular reason (I DID asked the devs) :D

u didnt showed that u can ACTUALLY get out of the map
Ill send u footage, ull understand what im talking about (arena)

who r u

All my "cant play N1 bugs" aside, I still can mess in maps, alone…
But hey I found the litteral void!

yeaaaaaa sure…

kinda easy but alr 

did I said game?

I meant the whole f*cking browser!!

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The user list in M8M6 crash my game now

Im not even mad I’m just confused how tf does that happen 🤫🧏‍♂️

Bruh my game is now japanese

Hope he didn’t died

why were you looking in the first place     🤨📸

I assume you are a old player (I may be wrong)
As for the subject of your post, I do know that I once played a match when there was only two maps. I dont remember it, I just know it happened

never was a nintendo fan
*cough in pokemon arceus*

Listen, u have rtx, and im happy for u, but rly idk and idc about PC
+im console player anyway

qql me les a donner
att jte les passe sur DC


nope im good, tried it and I always freeze+its too slow
And no im not gonna buy PC gamer or wahsoever I have thing to buy and this is not my priority

just choose wich one is better :/


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Itch, u may vote for the best of them pics

For all of you ppl that are on mobile, u CANT fly since jesper forgot yall

(1 edit)

space to go up, press shift to go down

bruh why y’all consider this as bad news

yeaaae :D

based on what, ur dignity?(non-existant, since ur dumb enough to not understand it)

We can fly in private squads now, and we can also log in with discord account, how convenient

id like to see ur proof with that cause ur just saying that without any argument whatsoever 

+UR the one who no one talked to u,I was allready in that conversation

poor thing cant read now…

litteraly nothing

well the only retarted ppl I find around me are u two, NPCs who spawned out of nowhere

first, who TF am I immitating

if u cant then why r u claiming it in the first place

me, DUH
Has beeing in ansy server made u THAT dumb?

u two almost not existant on here U should get tf out