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Looks sweet, best of luck guys! 

Hey, thanks for playing and making a cool video!

What kind of computer are you running this on? All those bugs, graphical bugs I have never seen haha. It is a  64-bit build so maybe that messed things up?  Also we didn't really have a chance to test it on many different computers. 

I forget why in this build we took off the AI, but it was pretty bad and deff wouldn't give you a challenge haha. 

Ment to be used with a 360 controller for sure. The key controls were mainly just made for development, but I can put up those key controls  somewhere if people want. (the weirdest one is prob '/' for p2 jump)  (also you never figured out the block and air dash stuff, look at the how to play pdf that should be in the download file) 

Cool to see you enjoying it, and we did have a lot of people like it! But dev has been and will be on hold for a while. The platform fighter space is a bit crowded right now, and what you see was done on zero budget. 

Hope you can play it on a computer that can actually run it properly, and try it out with a friend haha :) (you'll get to see all the art and sounds if it actually works) 

Pretty fun. I think the physics were a bit random but interesting for sure. I got to the second like gray city level and then just flew up into the sky and never came down haha.

Created a new topic Wrap up.

Hey everyone, thanks for joining, and sorry I wasn't as active as I should have been. I lost a little motivation as it looks like someone had the same idea and they were more popular. But hopefully good in the end for the community, and glad y'all join who did. Maybe next time we can make it better! Good Luck and Have Fun!

Created a new topic Let's get it started!

AGDQ has started, so that means so have we. Share your games with the community. That being other devs, or runners.

Get hyped, good luck, and have fun!

Created a new topic Discord


Help find a team, chat about AGDQ, or just about anything.

Glad your taking the challenge!

I've been posting some updates on Twitter https://twitter.com/Fanttum/status/751266664184844...

And will likely be showing off more tonight.