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Yea, like I wanted to have hard boss(ES) but ran out of time to make multiple :/ 

Well maybe I'll do more! I've been pretty surprised by the reception of the "art" haha 

Thanks so much Rayluaza!😋

Well if you say so ;) 

And Jessie Blu grabbed all the voice clips so shout outs to her! 

Have yall streamed/played the submissions yet? Or just testing things out? 

You only need 300 and you unlock the last item in the game which is basically a shotgun ;) 

Shouldn't be too hard to get that many if you find the secrets or do some respawning. 

You can pick up Bombs just like how you can pick up rocks! (I did realize I didn't point this out in game like an hour after I submitted haha 😅 also why I sued that screenshot in hopes it could be a subtle hint haha)

So after you place them you can use the K button to pick up and then throw them! 

Glad you have enjoyed it so far!! 

My art is cute?! I thought that would be part of the vileness but I guess it does have some charm to it haha. 

Yea I designed out the bosses but didn't have time to actually implement them into the game. If i had 1 extra day then maybe... 

Glad you enjoyed it! 🤟

Ahhh yess yess... 😓
Not really a bug, but an oversight that prob happened late at night 

Thanks for pointing that out 👍 we didn't really have time to properly test a lot of it 😅 but hope that didn't hurt your enjoyment of the game! 

Most competitive jams won't let you change things after the deadline. 

However lots of people will polish up their games for a post-jam build that won't be a part of the competition! 

Hey sorry for the late reply. Been hard at work 😅

Because I didn't think we would get to it I scoped it out, and even with the extension I'm not sure I'll be able to get that feature in...

But do you have discord or how do you like to collaborate? 

Thanks Kyle! (And Glinny and Cahrsurraurher) 

Keeping it cooking to make some better vile games 

Thanks for reaching out Jessie, 

It might be a little late in the process for us now :/ but if we get an extension then might have some time to implement this. 

I'll try and let you know before the 4th, or if we find out we get more time. 

Hey community, 

I had a fun idea in mind and need some help. 

I want to pull in some clips from the podcast and use those soundbites in the game but cam up with the idea too late into development and don't have time to implement it myself. 

So that's where YOU come in. It's a pretty simple task so won't need any game dev experience to be a part of this project! (but will take some time, and a good knowledge of the EZA podcast) 

Let me know if anyone wants to help with this! You can learn more about the project here and I'll be happy to share any other updates with you. 

Looks great! Can't wait to play it

Ok! I'm actually "BigPlay" on discord so be on the look out for that! 

Have any examples of past work? 

Hey Yes I used to make stuff in Famitracker myself! 

Would love to team up. Do you have a preferred way to collaborate like discord or something? 

Wow your stuff is really good! Do you do any animation as well? 

And how long does it take you to make stuff like that? 

Hey allies! 

Excited to be attempting this game jam and would love some help. 

First off I'll explain the idea I've been working on myself so far. 

It's a top down action adventure Zelda like and your party members will actually be your items and abilities. Here's a quick test gif so show off the playable elements I've put in so far. 

I'll mainly be taking in ideas from Glinny's recipe, but maybe a few from Cahrsurraurher's that I liked ;) 

- You have a 1% chance to not be able to double jump. ( I won't have jumping, so instead you have a 1% chance your sword, item, or action input won't work but something bad may happen)

- The first waterfall you discover has a secret cave, but the following 23 do not. 

- Instant death from touching the SIDE of a spike. Not the dangerous points, but the side of the spikes.

- Every loading screen is a bright blank white screen.

- The final boss of the game is a character first introduced directly prior to the final boss fight. 

- There’s a cutscene where all the characters in your party hear news of a death of an NPC that was mentioned once before in the story. They all act incredibly devastated even though this character was insignificant. 

- No buildings can be entered. Anytime you attempt to enter one your character says "It's not the right time for that" 

SLOGAN: Get ready to explode your balls into a firestorm of dust and skeletons. 

CELEBRITY LIKENESS: Justin Bieber as "Squeelin" Shay Higgins

- Deep bass “ooohhh nooooo!” every time you die

MAYBE these

  - The game has a hunger meter, every time your character is hungry a loud stomach grumbling sound effect will play. This sound effect can drown out important pieces of dialogue or other important sounds.

- Every town has a mandatory Bad Anime Hot Spring scene.

- The 'Interact' button to talk to an NPC is the same button as 'Use Consumable Item', which is a precious resource. (shouldn’t be too hard but what item??)

- The character sprites in the overworld don’t look like the character portraits in the menus

- There is a minor NPC early on in the game that shares the exact character model as the player. This is never explained or acknowledged by anyone in the game.

- Redeeming codes found under the cap of participating Mountain Dew beverages unlocks powerful armor covered in Mountain Dew branding. If you abstain from the promotion, your party will occasionally comment about how good a Mountain Dew would taste about now.

I'm an experienced game developer and designer but need help with any of the art stuff. 

So character design, animation, environmental art, music, sounds, etc. 

If you are interested let me know and show off some of your past work here! Might be getting a bit of a late start here but E3 sure was a thing last week :) 

1/60 as good at minit
(Which is really good) 

Looks sweet, best of luck guys! 

Pretty fun. I think the physics were a bit random but interesting for sure. I got to the second like gray city level and then just flew up into the sky and never came down haha.

Hey everyone, thanks for joining, and sorry I wasn't as active as I should have been. I lost a little motivation as it looks like someone had the same idea and they were more popular. But hopefully good in the end for the community, and glad y'all join who did. Maybe next time we can make it better! Good Luck and Have Fun!

AGDQ has started, so that means so have we. Share your games with the community. That being other devs, or runners.

Get hyped, good luck, and have fun!

Help find a team, chat about AGDQ, or just about anything.

Glad your taking the challenge!

I've been posting some updates on Twitter

And will likely be showing off more tonight.