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Hm... Have you tried win rar? 

Wow, sorry... I hope your guts are fine again. ;)

Yes, but you would need to start a new game.

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No worries! I shared this gif of how I get access to it via browser. Maybe it will be helpful to you. 

This is nothing to worry about: As this is a webgame repackaged as exe, the payload file is part of google chromes v8 engine :) 

Unfortunately, I'm not able right now to prepare the build suitable for the app. Please, use the browser to download the game. I am sorry, and I also hope that Zoidberg will be president one day. 

I hope it means that the game was fantastic. 

Hey! Let me know if that was helpful.

We would like to support the bundle with the Fantastic Fetus. 

Thank you for your work. 


Oh, so you are rather a nice person if the game wanted to do it with you. I will take creepy as a complement 😊. It's nice that you find the game interesting.

Thank you for the little nice comment. It means a lot 😊

Thanks a lot! I'm not surprised that you like the music. It's Nine Inch Nails track ;) 

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for making a video ;) 

Clever idea with the HUD. I died a lot...

Go for it, Cherry! Thank you for talking to the game :) it makes them feel less lonely.

That is a bit extreme and absurd game. ;) Good job!

I bet they like you too! 😁 

Maybe I should think about achievements 😏 good luck!

Oh, yes. I wanted to do it for download, but then I thought it's easier to play it in the browser. I will see what I can do! 

I am glad that you had some fun with it.

Thanks for playing :)

Unfortunately, I also have a similar issue. It feels like it is connected with loading the next levels. I don't know if it is related, but the frame rate is also oddly low. Let me know if there is any way I could help you with solving this issue. I would love to finish my experience. 

Oh... So nice! There is no better compliment than saying that it was worth time to play :) Thank you!

Thanks! I get what you mean. The ending was a tricky thing to design. It's so awesome to get those comments even 2 years after we made it. It means a lot to us. Thank you for playing!

So happy that you appreciate our work. Unfortunately, the scenario from the game is a reality now in Poland. It is hard for us and all Polish women. Thank you for playing and empathizing with our case. 

Thanks a lot! :) btw, cute baby.

Hey, thanks! :) I'm glad that you think Grave Runner is hilarious! :D  I hope it was not to hard. 

Thanks Alligator :) I hope you enjoyed Emil ;) .Yeah, controls are something I should definitely focus more on in the future. 

Run! Don't stop! Don't think! Don't contemplate! 

To save yourself you need to avoid anything that can evoke existential angst.

Play here:

_________ _________

The Grave Runner is a mini side-scroller game where you can RUN, jump, and try to survive. I could explain myself, and say what I wanted to express here, but honestly, it will speak to you or it won't. Thanks to this project I learned a lot of C# and unity. 

Exceptional 16-bit pixelart comes from an asset pack made by Cyangmou

Have fun!

Nice game! You could add hashtag #PiekłoKobiet.

It is so nice, thank you! We are working on it to show the game on events and not only. There are many interesting games from Poland if you are interested I can give you some titles :)

Thank you! :D Indeed it was our intention. I am glad that you start to think about those problems. If you wanna unlock another ending you need to build different fetus (with different parts combination).

Thomas is a great artist :).

Interesting statistics, thank you for sharing. However, it doesn't matter if those cases are 2% or even 0,5% because that % are people. They should have a choice if they want to give birth to a child which is sure to die in pain briefly after birth or not. Banning is not an answer to those problems.

Thank you GixterTrixter for the video, and of course, you can share it on your channel. Your comment made us very happy! It is exactly what we wanted to achieve with the game. It is very nice of you that you send it to your friends but remember do not spoil it! :)

AhLogic, thanks for your comment and your approach. Your English is ok do not worry ;) We were lucky to have Cyangmou no board to do the pixel art.

Wow Boolean, that was a story. Thank you for sharing it with us. It's a complicated topic and it can be hard to find easy answers. But I think your voice is good for this discussion. How it is in the place where you are living? 


Thank you Dragon Slayer ^^ for support. We appreciate that Fantastic Fetus is provoking a discussion. We are glad that you enjoyed our game. What Fetus did you build?

We are working on the desktop version. If it will happen we will make an update.

Hi Kanatal, thank you for your comment :)

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Thank you grimacedia for your comment. We are looking closely at the US situation. It is shocking that the US has the same problems we had 3 years ago but the final result seems to be worse then in Poland.