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ask some adults to help you with that, they'll know how to do that

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Crab Game on Linux - cannot  list lobbies and cannot connect to lobbies

Root cause is twofold:

(EDIT: basic premise is that you are using the latest version)

missing 'CrabGameLinux_Data/Plugins/'

missing 'steam_appid.txt'


appid is 1782210 (put this text into steam_appid.txt in the root dir alongside the game executable)

grab from

(this goes to 'CrabGameLinux_Data/Plugins/')

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edit: the from the previous version does not work

edit2: from this package works YAYKS

LISTEN GUYS, LISTEN ! I managed to make the 1.31 work under linux. There are two files missing in the package.

steam_appid.txt with content 1782210

just create this file (in your favourite text editor) in the root of your game and put said number on the first line.

Then there is missing  'CrabGameLinux_Data/Plugins/'. This file was part of the previous version (1.29) so copy it over from there, but I guess it could be found on the internet somewhere if you don't have the package anymore.

Steam must be running

so satisfying...